All Nights & Lobster Theremin

Lobster Theremin mainstay Route 8 and head lobster Asquith have been teaming up for Lobster nights since early 2014, spanning continents and sharing beds from Strasbourg to Berlin, Melbourne, Cairo, Detroit, Tbilisi, Amsterdam, Paris and of course London.

So they’ll both be going back to back for Asquith’s new night All Nights at his favourite London club spot, Corsica Studios. Solidifying the Lobster love and vibes with their first all night back-to-back ever. It’s gonna be a heady night so prepare for wild tempos and some proper cheddar at times.

Dj mates PAL resident BOBBIE* & First Second label head Daire Carolan will be laying down weighty cuts in Room 2.

See you down the front!

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