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Mr. Solid Gold

Park Ranger

Vancouver’s finest groove pushers, Pender Street Steppers, bring a crate full hot wax, good times and a big luvin’ spoonful of feelin’ ahead of Notting Hill this year. We’re hooking up the sound system and dusting off the needles for Trouble Vision’s annual Carnival Warm Up party – comfortably one of our favourite parties of the year. 

Since their first release to cassette ‘Life In The Zone’, Pender Street Steppers have taken on the world with a flurry of releases on hot houses such as Mood Hut and Washington’s legendary People’s Potential Unlimited. Drawing from the rich beds of the Canadian Riviera and beyond, PSS pack their own brand of spiritual sounds and exotic frequencies   They’ll be taking you through with an enlightened trip through jazz, breaks, tropical disco and house oddities. 


Rarified, discofied and dance floor certified grooves comes courtesy of Paramida. Paramida cut her teeth in Berlin’s renown OYE record shop before establishing one of Trouble Vision favourite labels – Love On The Rocks. After quickly gaining notoriety as ‘Berlin’s most hated’, she continues to tour the world, digging for new sounds and sticking it to 4/4.

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