The course of true love—of all kinds—runs bumpily in this entertaining selection of films. Buckle up. Sticky- UK | Richard Turley | 13 min It’s 1982. When Karen develops a crush on the postman delivering to her road, it becomes clear she has to come up with a plan to get his attention. Big Joe’s Big Slice- USA | Jeff Huston | 11 min On a trip to New York City, August makes an unannounced visit to his ex-girlfriend, Nikki. Things quickly deteriorate when he discovers her circumstances have changed. Chickens- UK | George Wu | 4 min Adam and Emma, workmates, are about to become something more—or maybe not. Momo- South Korea | Yun Joo Chang | 16 min When Areum decides to move to Germany, her ex-girlfriend, Sohee, takes custody of Momo, the cat they once shared. Yujin, Sohee’s current girlfriend, is less than thrilled. Bathed in Light- Spain | Guillem Manzanares | 15 min Two teenage couples are spending a weekend together in a house by the sea. When new feelings develop, the dynamic quickly changes. Morning Glory- UK | Robert Bertrand | 17 min Best friends Tanya and Candice have vowed to always be there for each other. But when Tanya announces she’s been accepted into the army, she risks losing Candice for good. A Pornographer Woos- UK, Ireland | Patrick Myles | 6 min A man on holiday attempts to seduce his wife by writing her a pornographic poem, the constant interruptions of his children and mother-in-law notwithstanding. Jamie- UK | Christopher Manning | 9 min Jamie, in his early twenties, is clumsily looking for his first real relationship. When he meets Ben one Sunday afternoon, he wonders if he’s finally met his match. The Driving Seat- UK | Phil Lowe | 9 min One Saturday morning, a middle-aged couple decide to make love in their car in the driveway to put the spark back in their sex life—only to find it has rather the opposite effect. - See more at: