From one old woman’s determination to set things right before she goes to a pair of brothers grappling with their father’s death to an entire city’s experience of a terrible tragedy, these films explore questions of mortality and loss—often poignantly, sometimes humorously, always memorably. The Knackerman - UK | Tom Shrapnel | 18 min Ron is an aging knacker, responsible for the disposal of ill horses. When his own horse falls ill, Ron must decide its fate and in doing so, face his own mortality. Death in a Day - China | Lin Wang | 14 min After visiting his comatose father in the hospital, seven-year-old Evan learns he must come to grips with death. Saturday - UK | Mike Forshaw | 13 min April 15, 1989. One game of football is about to affect young Liam and the city of Liverpool forever. Loose Ends - UK | Natalie Burt | 18 min Biddy, in search of some closure, bribes her depressed grandson to help her escape from the care home she's stagnating in, so she can tie up a list of loose ends. My Brother - UK, Spain, USA | Marti Dols Roca & Joe Ryan Laia | 12 min As they seek to cope with the death of their father, estranged brothers Pol and Ricard go on a fishing trip together. Don’t Burn the Breakfast - UK | Daisy Stenham | 10 min When they meet by chance on an empty beach, two strangers struggling with their own burdens find solace and redemption in one another. Noro - UK | Duncan Roe | 20 min Caitlin is having therapy to cope with the loss of her son. A simple accident leads her to a truth that nothing can prepare her for. - See more at: