HEY DUGGEE- a place for children (and their parents) to have fun, be energetic, and most of all to DO THINGS! This is an extra special summer bumper edition of Hey Duggee featuring six wonderful epsiodes: Bouncing, Leaf, Surprise, Teddy, Story and Omelette. The show is based around a children’s playgroup called The Squirrel Club. Its run by a big dog called DUGGEE. The Squirrel Club is a place where kids have adventures and earn badges for their accomplishments. There are five children who go to the Squirrel club. HAPPY, NORRIE,TAG, BETTY & ROLY. Their parents drop them off every day and they spend a couple of hours having fun and adventures with DUGGEE, in his clubhouse, and outside in his fantastical world before being picked up again at the end of the show. It’s all about doing things, and DUGGEE likes to do a lot, and go to lots of places.