Nelly is the bravura portrait of the late sex worker–turned–bestselling novelist Nelly Arcan by acclaimed writer–director Anne Émond (Nuit #1, Our Loved Ones). Drawing heavily from Arcan’s real–life experiences surrounding the publication of her debut novel Putain (Whore), which enjoyed overwhelming critical and commercial success upon release and caused a media frenzy given the controversial subject matter, Édmod fictionalises and explores with blistering honesty her muse’s ability to blur multiple identities and juggle various public and private personas as she searches for meaning in a chaotic and contradictory world. Nelly traverses the complex territory of modern sexual politics with the rare insight of someone who has the lived experience of a seasoned sex worker, and offers an electrifying, uncompromising portrait of an artist struggling with their scandalous past, tempestuous present and uncertain future, fearlessly portrayed by TIFF Rising Star 2016 Mylène Mackay. Anne Émond was distinguished with the Stella Artois Jay Scott Prize in 2015 for an Emerging Artist by the Toronto Critics`Association who named her one of the most exciting young directorial talents in Canada