Havana to Londres presents 
Issac Delgado 

10pm - 4am 

18+ (Photo ID Required) 

Issac is loved throughout the Latin world, and adored in his native Cuba. With his distinctive phrasing, crystal clear vocal styling, and incredible arrangements, Issac Delgado, El Chevere De La Salsa, is the very heart and soul of Timba Beginning his professional musical career in 1983 as a member of the Orquesta de Pancho Alonso, Issac went on to become a founding member of the group widely credited as having kick started the Timba revolution, the mighty NG La Banda. As their lead vocalist, Issac was at the cutting edge of Cuban dance music. 

His singing talents soon brought him to superstar status, becoming one of Timba's best composers, and a uniquely creative melodic improviser. In concert he often improvises words and melodies for periods of several minutes. Issac's career both with NG and as a solo artist is strewn with awards. 

He has tended to stock his band with the most sophisticated jazz musicians available and give them an exceptional amount of creative freedom, resulting in a long string of unique and fascinating groups. And a string of hits as long as your arm! Many of which he'll be performing at this his first UK concert for many years: No Me Mires A Los Ojos; Que Pasa Loco; Mi Romántica; Necesito Un Amiga; Ella Es Un Reloj; La Sandungita; El Solar De La California; Deja Que Roberto Te Toque; and Soñé; La Campana; Cubanos just to name a very few!