Tempers are NYC-based duo Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper. Their dark electronica sets haunting songwriting to a sinister disco beat, pop melodies floating in an almost industrial soundscape.

Singles from their debut album 'Services' - 'Eyes Wide Wider', 'Hell Hotline' (mixed by Damian Taylor (Bjork)), 'Strange Harvest' and 'Undoing' (mixed by Kevin McMahon (Swans)) received coverage across US and EU blogs including Pitchfork, The Fader, V Magazine, Vice, and Interview. Tempers' new EP, 'Fundamental Fantasy', featuring a remix by Joakim, was released February 2017 via The Vinyl Factory.

Written on the volcanic island of Stromboli at the VF co-curated Volcano Extravaganza festival in 2016, Tempers' left their comfort zone on Fundamental Fantasy, crafting a brooding synth-wave sound that's equal parts dream pop and neo-noir '80s soundtrack. Laced in desire and destruction, the pair say it's a "about fantasy lives swelling out of proportion, and the failure of society's romantic conventions to fulfill our spiritual longing for love."