Biography, Drama
Chile, France, USA
Natalie Portman, Peter Sarsgaard, Greta Gerwig
Pablo LarraĆ­n

Jackie is a powerful depiction of the days immediately following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, seen through the eyes of his widow, flawlessly portrayed by Natalie Portman. From the grace and poise of a young first lady, to a distraught, frightened woman who refuses to change out of clothes stained with her husband's blood, Jackie transforms into a stoic, resilient and defiant widow. This mesmerising character study creates a captivating and unflinching portrait of private grief amidst one of history's most public tragedies. Ably supported by Peter Sarsgaard, Greta Gerwig, Billy Crudup and John Hurt, Natalie Portman does not mimic Jackie Kennedy, she becomes her.

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