Where to find the best latte in London

For many, morning cannot be started without coffee. And here, of course, opinions can split - someone will prefer an americano or espresso, and someone will prefer sweeter and more cream with milk - whether it is latte, cappuccino or raf with syrup and sugar. Today we will talk about latte (sorry all who don`t like it but you will have to put up with this) and about where you can enjoy its best variations.

Coffee Island. This specialized coffee house offers the sea of ​​emotions, combining a cozy atmosphere and pleasant aromas of coffee, all this is not far from Charing Cross Road. The institution has a choice of five different varieties of coffee, while making each of them in different ways. For coffee in Turkish, as expected, a bowl of hot sand is used.

Origin. This coffee shop does its best to help raise the standards of coffee making throughout the UK. Origin has many establishments all over London, so be sure: you always find where to enjoy aromatic coffee. By the way, the coffee shop conducts weekly seminars for all who wish to become professional barista.

The Attendant. The coffee house familiar to many Londoners, which is located in the building of the former Victorian toilet. Do not be scared. Now the interior of the institution is completely changed in the best British traditions -modern toilet (joke). And now, a few words about coffee. The Attendant themselves fry the grains for coffee drinks, and the technology they have also is at the highest level. In London, you can find only three such institutions.

Flat White Soho. So, what is so special about this place? Here you can start your morning not just with coffee, but with Australian or New Zealand coffee! Australian coffee is poorly represented on the international market, so it can be considered an exotic, which you can try on the other side of the equator. Flat White is located right in the heart of Soho.

Curator's Coffee. Coffee for this establishment is fried on special order, so there is no problem with quality. Cozy atmosphere and an aromatic cup of coffee - the most excellent beginning of morning. Curators Coffee can be found at Oxford Circus, Curators Coffee Studio and at the Camden Market.

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