Single mother without electricity told 'heat baby's bottle under armpit'

A single mother-of-three has been left with just £10 to survive on after buying takeaways for a week because her electricity was cut off.

Katrina Best of Mornington Road, Leytonstone has been living on fast-food because she is unable to cook for her family in their one-bedroom flat.

Ms Best claims she was told by L&Q housing company to place her newborn’s bottle under her armpit when she complained about having no facilities to heat milk.

She said she was left with no choice but to place her two youngest children in the care of a relative.

“I am fuming,” said the 22-year-old who is mum to Archie, four, Harvey, one and Lilly-May, six weeks.

“I have been getting takeaways all week and it has cost me £50 in total.

“I am on my last £10 now and I am not paid until next week.

“I have had to give my two youngest kids to their paternal grandmother. I miss them and have been crying.”

Ms Best has now resorted to sleeping on her mother’s floor with her eldest son Archie, which she says is causing her health to suffer.

Having been diagnosed with scoliosis at birth, the disabled mum now has 12 pins in her spine and says she is “in agony” sleeping on the hard floor night after night.

Katrina’s mother Eileen, who is a carer for her daughter, said although having her “very active” grandson stay over is stressful, she refuses to let him sleep in the flat due to safety concerns.

The 53-year-old said: “It’s a death trap. If Archie was to get up in the night to go to the bathroom he would have to go down steps and there are no lights.

“It is not safe. There are wires hanging out of the fuse box which is at a child’s level. It could be dangerous if a child pulled it.

“The flat is not suitable for Katrina. It’s classed as a two-bedroom but one of the rooms has a boiler in it so how can a child sleep in there?”

Ms Best said she has been trying to get a bigger place for the past month but is unable to bid for one because she has yet to receive a bidding number from her housing company.

“It is extremely difficult,” she said.

“It’s a pain because there is only one bedroom to share between me and three kids and we have just enough room for a bed and two cots.”

A spokesman for L&Q said: "We apologise for the delay in reinstating Miss Best's electricity.

“Our contractors and the electricity company have attended the property several times and we are addressing this as a matter of urgency.”

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