The best brunches in London

What could be better than an ideal brunch? Ideal brunch at ideal place, where you can comfortably settle, for example, on a sunlit terrace, put on sunglasses and open a fresh newspaper. With a cup of coffee and a croissant, oatmeal with berries or eggs Benedict on fresh bread with crispy crust and vegetables. We have prepared for you a list of places where you can try the best brunches in London.

1. Book and Brunch Sundays. London hotel Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel invites to monthly literature brunches on Sundays, which will make late breakfasts in Belgravia even more pleasant. During brunches at the British restaurant Lowndes Bar & Kitchen, guests receive a book of the month according to the version of the British Belgravia Books store. Brunch Sunday menu includes a variety of gastronomic delights: porridge with coconut milk and blueberries, granola with maple syrup, yogurt and blackberries; poached egg with a paste of avocado and chilli on a ruddy toast; caramelized vegetables and frittata with zucchini, red onion, feta cheese and spicy sausages chorizo; French toasts-brioches with banana saute, caramel sauce and Cornish melted cream.

2. Brindisa. Brindisa is a network of establishments with its bright Spanish history. In 1988, when this story began, Spanish cuisine was almost unknown to the people of Britain. Monica Linton, her creator, wanted to export from Spain not only Spanish products, but also fantastic cuisine, and the hospitality of the Spaniards. By the way, the rice menu is already available in the institution. It includes caldoso de bogavante (rice dish with broth of seafood and vegetables), soup of lobster paella with seafood, pasta with seafood - all served in a pan with tomatoes and green salad. If you come to eat with a whole company, then the ordered dish will be served in a large pan.

3. Berlin brunch café. After the 20-month success of this pop-up café, Berlin brunch finally had a permanent cafe in The Taproom, London Fields Brewery. The menu of the institution is constantly changing in accordance with seasonal products. Usually the brunch in this cafe consists of buckwheat wafers, Berlin sandwiches and a variety of healthy options, such as smoothies and cocktails made from fresh ingredients.

4. Salon Brixton. A stunning small cafe on the Brixton Market. There are several strong principles in the kitchen of this institution. All dishes are prepared only from local, seasonal ingredients, and to a greater extent this is fruits and vegetables, and also when creating the menu they are guided by season, weather, experiences and impressions from what is happening around. Focusing the menu on vegetables and fruits, the team of this cafe notes that it is much more aesthetic and tasty to try the dishes exactly from those ingredients, without meat and fish. For the brunch here you can order granola with rhubarb, dressed with yogurt and red orange; banana bread, roast beef with mushrooms, cottage cheese with nuts on toast, pork sausage with egg and crispy bread with nutella.

5. Temple and Sons. This establishment provides an opportunity for Londoners to try the perfect traditional English brunch. All meals are prepared according to traditions. Brunch in this place - calorie bomb, usually consisting of two eggs, fried sausages, bacon, beans in tomato sauce, grilled tomato, toasts and pork. Also there is a dish, very popular in the Lake District - a steak cooked on firewood with potatoes, black pudding, onions and fried eggs. By the way, English traditions continue in the bar menu as well. At the brunch they serve Bloody Mary and Espresso Martini - a traditional London cocktail.

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