Top 10 dishes of British cuisine that are worth of trying

British national cuisine, without exaggeration, is one of the most conservative in the world. At the same time, it is much more diverse and interesting than we used to think about it. Therefore, we present the top 10 most popular dishes of British cuisine.

10. Bakewell Tart. Tart Bakewell is a traditional British pastry made from cookie dough with a layer of jam and almond biscuit. There is even a legend associated with this dessert. It says that one maid had misunderstood the directions of her mistress and added an almond biscuit to a plain jam tart. They say that this dish became popular in the 19th century.

9. Pork pie. The homeland of this pie is England, Melton-Mowbray. Melton-Mowbray is located in Leicestershire county, where in the 1830s the manufacture and sale of famous pork cakes began. These wonderful pies, invented by fox hunters, are an excellent appetizer from tender pork in a crispy dense dough. Melton cake is eaten it (the pie) is cold with pickled vegetables.

8. Kedgeree. Kedgeree is an English dish based on a traditional Indian recipe. The British colonialists adapted it as breakfast containing fish. However, this dish is perfect for lunch or dinner. The dish usually consists of fish, boiled rice, parsley, hard-boiled eggs, curry, butter, cream and raisins. Recipes can vary depending on the area.

7. Custard tart. So, Custard is a milk condensed with egg yolks (or cream), which can be used as sauce or as basis for other, more complex dishes: desserts, mousses, soufflé, puddings and creams. Custard is widely used in the cooking of pies with baked cream and tartlets.

6. Yorkshire pudding. In the usual sense, pudding is sweet dessert, but the English decided to step away from this rule and brought to their kitchen a wonderful dish, which was called Yorkshire pudding. The name itself, dessert received in honor of the Yorkshire county, in northern England. Yorkshire pudding is a kind of bun, which has crispy crust and delicate filling, salty taste. That's why Yorkshire pudding perfectly blend in with meat dishes.

5. Dried mutton (Reestit mutton). Dried-jerky mutton is a very nutritious product, which, if properly packed, can be stored for a very long time. This dish is a delicacy in the Shetland Islands. Along with stew, homemade dried meat is good for storage for emergency situations. One piece of such dried jerky meat is enough for half of a day. Meat gradually and slowly will be digested, you will not feel hungry but will be full of energy.

4. Smoked herring (Kippers). Smoked herring is a very popular dish. The English traditionally serve it with fried eggs, olives and cucumbers for breakfast. The fish`s head is removed, fish itself is cut along the gut, salted and is either dried or cold smoked. As a result of this treatment, all valuable and useful properties of the product remain, and it turns out delicious and conveys all the characteristic features of a particular fish.

3. Fish and French fries (Fish and Chips). This dish is probably the most "typical" for Britain. It appeared in 1860. Appetizing combination of deep-fried potatoes and fish in batter takes one of the most important places in traditional British cuisine. In recent decades, working Englishmen spend less time in the kitchen, preferring to eat in pubs or to buy ready-made food on their way home. Traditionally, cod or other varieties of white fish such as haddock, saithe, shark-katran are used for cooking.

2. Mince pies. English pies - mince pies - are made from buttery cookie dough with spicy stuffing, which includes fat, dried fruits, nuts and spices. They are baked for Christmas along with pudding and roast beef, thus making up the traditional triad of a festive meal. Once, the stuffing for pies was made from meat, fish or poultry and eggs. Dried fruits and spices were also added, but only as secondary ingredients. Over time, beef fat has replaced beef, and today mince pie is known as pies with a mix of dried and candied fruits, nuts, apples, spices and cognac or rum.

1. Haggis. Haggis is the most famous national Scottish dish from mutton giblets (heart, liver and lungs), chopped with onions, oatmeal, lard, seasonings and salt, and boiled in a sheep`s stomach. Externally, the dish looks like stuffed guts of animals or homemade sausage. When it is fresh, the haggis looks, as it was already said, not very attractive. A sort of a very thick sausage bandaged on both sides, stuffed with sheep's giblets, onions, lard, seasonings and other things. The earliest mentions of haggis in the Scottish sources date back to 1747.

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