What you need to know before buying a dog

Before you take a dog home – to buy in an animal shelter, from another owner or to adopt a homeless dog - it is important to know several rules.

Purchase by ad. Be careful when buying a dog answering an ad in the media or on the Internet. Before buying, you need to get a detailed history of the life of your future pet from the previous owners. Before the transaction, it is necessary to get a certificate and other documents confirming that the dog has passed the necessary vaccination. If the dog was born outside the UK, you need to ask the animal seller for a veterinary certificate that the dog regularly undergoes examination with a specialist. If you still have some doubts, consult a veterinarian you know before deciding to buy. If you buy a puppy from abroad, make sure that it is vaccinated, chipped and his age is at least 15 weeks. If the animal is from Finland, Norway, Malta or Ireland, you need to make sure that it was prevented from worms. Also it is necessary to check the passport of the animal, where all information about it is indicated.

Illegals. It should be remembered: if you buy a puppy that is illegally brought to the UK, you are at great risk. In addition, all costs associated with the treatment and recording the animal, completely are on you.

License. Without a license it is possible to purchase puppies for up to six months, but on condition that their mother has a license. If the animal does not have a license, it can be issued. It costs about 12.5 pounds. Dogs that are sold in pet stores, police dogs and guide dogs for disabled people must have documents confirming their status. The license is valid for one year. In the offices of local city and district councils, where you live, you can obtain forms for the renewal of a license or for its receipt. For owners of three or more dogs, an annual fee of 32 pounds can be introduced. A special license may also be submitted for registration at one of the clubs (Kennel Club, Irish Club of Dogs, International Dog Society). If a person does not have a license for a dog, he is an offeder. He gets an official warning, then a fine of up to 1,000 pounds or even a criminal penalty.

When you can not to pay. If you purchased a license, but did not buy the dog or your pet died 30 days after the purchase of the license, you can claim the full value of the document back. If the age of the buyer is 65 or more, he has the right not to pay for the license, if it is a question of one dog only. If an older person has more than one dog, he pays a reduced fee of 5 pounds for each animal.

Chipping. In the UK, there are rules according to which dogs must be chipped at the age of eight weeks. Before submitting a license, the owner must confirm that his pets have been chipped. The data indicated in the chip number must always completely correspond to the contact data of the dog, otherwise the license for the dog will be considered invalid.

Registration. Information on the sale or transfer of the dog must be registered within seven days of the transaction. The facts of the animal's death also must be recorded. On the dog collar, which it must have on, detailed information about the owner with the address of residence must be contained. If there is no such information on the collar or there is no collar at all, the owner faces a fine of up to 1000 pounds.

Collar. The dog may not have a collar only if it is stray or used for grazing cattle or sheep, or is also used for sporting purposes to capture or destroy pests.

Education. It is necessary to pay special attention to the dog`s upbringing and maintaining health from an early age of the animal. When completing a transaction, you need to pay attention to a number of features when concluding a contract. The site of the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals notes that the seller is obliged (at the time of concluding the contract) to provide the buyer with detailed history of the animal's life, including its physiological characteristics. Only in this case there is a guarantee that the animal will be able to normally grow with the new owner.

Duties. As a dog owner, you are responsible for its behavior in public places. Otherwise, you will be fined and forbidden to own an animal. The dog needs to be kept under control and cleaned up in public places, if you walk with it. Also it is necessary to watch, that there is a collar on it.

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