Top 10 facts about tea party in Britain

What is tea party in English? It is an constant tea with milk, a tea set made of thin porcelain, small cakes, white starched tablecloths, cozy armchairs and a leisurely conversation. We have prepared for you ten interesting facts about tea drinking in Britain.

10. The "Five o'clock Tea" tradition appeared in 1840 thanks to Anna Russell, the Duchess of Bedford. One day, while wandering around her castle, resting from dinner and preparing for supper, she told her maid to bring her to the salon cutlery for tea in order to at least somehow kill the time. Next time, to combine the useful with the pleasant, the duchess invited her friends to have an afternoon tea. Everyone liked it so much that the ladies began to gather more and more often - and, in the end, there was a ritual, or rather, the tradition of English tea drinking.

9. Since the end of the XIX century, the "Five o'clock Tea" tradition has turned into a social event: gentlemen wearing suits with bow ties, ladies dressed in the most elegant outfits, luxurious hats, put on gloves and went to the tea drinking in restaurants of fashionable hotels, where tables were set with starched white tablecloths specially for them, on which expensive English porcelain with silver cutlery flaunted.

8. Till now arguments as for what is put in a cup first - milk or tea continue. Supporters of " tea first " state that adding milk to the drink, you can adjust its taste and color, otherwise the aroma of tea is "lost". But the "milk first" group is convinced that the interaction of warm milk with hot tea produces excellent taste, and even milk acquires a note of the delicate baked delight. But one thing can be said for sure: mixing milk with tea in one cup and tea with milk in another, you will get two completely different drinks.

7. The most expensive teabag in the world was created by Boodles jewelers to celebrate the 75th anniversary of PG Tips. A bag of diamonds was valued at 7,500 pounds sterling.

6. The British consume 62 billion cups of tea a year. Tea accounts for 40% of all liquids consumed in Britain.

5. There is a theory why afternoon tea is usually held at 17:00. According to the lunar cycle, between 17:00 and 19:00 the kidneys and bladder are in the active phase, which means that the use of tea or any other liquid helps to remove toxic substances from the body.

4. The most expensive afternoon tea party in Britain was held at the Cliveden Hotel in Berkshire. The price of tea and treats for two was 550 pounds, and some of the most expensive products in the world were used to prepare the dishes.

3. English aristocrats received from tea not only taste but and medicinal properties. It turns out that aristocrats were so carried away by tea drinking that they practically stopped using alcohol.

2. Some aspects of the etiquette of afternoon tea largely depend on which part of the country you are in.

1. According to the English ideas about the culture of tea drinking, several different kinds of tea are necessarily served to the table, regardless of the time of day, so that everyone can choose tea according to their preferences and mood. This is an expression of respect that permeates the whole ritual of English tea drinking. The chosen tea is made in a rinsed with boiling water individual teapot, even if the tea is packaged.

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