Where to find the best donuts in London?

Sweet hot donuts are a treat that neither adults nor children can resist. There are many recipes for cooking aromatic baking, but how to determine which donuts are better and tastier? The only way is to try.

1. Pizza Union. Let's start with Pizza Union and its popular donut Classico. It is made of classic pizza dough and is filled with a mixture of creamy mascarpone and favorite of many people nutella.

2. Crosstown Doughnuts. Donuts from Crosstown Doughnuts are kings among London donuts. There are a lot of varieties of filling and glaze here. For example, there are donuts with kiwi, green apple and white chocolate or with lemon-thyme glaze.

3. Waffle Paradise. Waffle Paradise offers an alternative way to enjoy your favorite donut - pastries will sit over ice cream and a milkshake covered with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and delicious decorations!

4. The Blues Kitchen. These donuts may seem quite ordinary at first glance, but only at first glance. As soon as you bite off a piece, is an unusual filling appears - Oreo! Donuts are served with sauce of salty caramel.

5. Dum Dum Doughnuts. Already quite a popular institution Dum Dum Doughnuts has long been pleasing Londoners with its delicacies. There are donuts of different shapes and colors. For example, you can order a set in the form of your name and even a huge donut-cake. The filling are both classical and very unusual.

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