The price of new London taxis

London electric vehicles company (LEVC) has announced prices for its new hybrid cars for the legendary London taxis. New models of cabs TX4 can be purchased for 55 thousand 559 pounds sterling. If the taxi companies want to take vehicles on lease, it will cost 177 pounds a week. Although such rental rate can hardly be called low, the manufacturer assures that the fuel savings through the use of hybrid engines will be about £ 100 a week.

Recalling, the LEVC company belongs to a large Chinese auto-trust Geely. The new car is created at the production facilities in Coventry and it actively used the technology of another well-known manufacturer of vehicles - Volvo, which is also owned by Geely. The first TX4 models will be tested in London in October. Also, the management of the company boasted that the Netherlands had already ordered 225 new cabs. The new taxi model appeared due to new requirements for cabs. In particular, new taxis should provide a range on electric motors of at least 30 miles (48 km).

If to talk about the TX4 model, then it more than enough meets these requirements: only with the electric engine a car can run about 70 miles (110 kilometers). In addition, they are equipped with a 1.3-liter gasoline engine, which is used as an electric generator to recharge the batteries, which will allow the car to travel another 300 miles (470 kilometers). The sale of diesel and gasoline cars will be prohibited in the UK from the beginning of 2040. This step was taken by the government as part of a public campaign to fight air pollution.

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