Big Ben will strike for the last time and will be silent for four years

Legendary London clocks Big Ben will be shut down because of restoration work. At noon, on August 21, the bell will strike for the last time and will be silent for four years. For the past 157 years, the famous Big Ben has been telling Londoners the exact time almost without a break. Before the beginning of the restoration the next Monday, the bell will strike for the last time at noon, and the silence will last until 2021.

The coming shut-down of favorite clocks caused discontent in the society. But the authorities insisted that this step is necessary for the safety and health of workers who will carry out restoration work in the immediate vicinity to the bell. "Constant proximity to the chimes can pose a serious danger to the hearing and will interfere with effective work," - the City Hall said. The last time Big Ben stood still was in 2007, when it was stopped for maintenance, and before that - between 1983 and 1985 within the previous large-scale reconstruction program.

The great bell weighs 13.7 tons and every hour it rings in the tonality of the note "mi." Its "voice" is accompanied by four quarter small bells that resonate every 15 minutes and ring in the tonality of "sol-sharp", "fa-sharp", "mi" and "si". To stop the clock, the hammers will be blocked, and the bell will be disconnected from the mechanism. As part of the restoration project, the legendary clock will be dismantled. The four dials will be thoroughly cleaned, the glasses repaired, and the cast-iron frame refreshed. It is also planned to install a modern electric motor for controlling the clock.

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