Ten of the scariest things in London dungeons

What so horrible could be in the dungeons now. Well, except for the dungeons themselves and the darkness, if someone is afraid of it. It seems that everything should have been found and studied, and made public for a long time already. Something really was found, studied and publicized. But nevertheless, these facts, this awareness did not become less frightening. But something still remained hidden...

1. The giant mosquito. If the usual mosquitoes are well studied and are quite common thing, the underground mosquitoes clearly differ from their above-ground fellows. If you are engaged in diggery and decided to go on a walk through the London subway tunnels, a special kind of mosquitoes will be waiting for you - a large stocky mosquito, which, by the way, does not need wintering. And it likes to drink the human blood very much. However, even just while standing at the metro station, waiting for the train, you can hear a familiar nasty buzz.

2. Funeral pits. In the XVII century, residents of London had to go through a terrible epidemic of bubonic plague. In just two years, it reduced the city's population by 15%. There were so many dead bodies that it took a lot of places for burial. Since it has already been a long time and not all city plans and documents have been saved, it is now impossible to accurately name the number and location of burials. Therefore, when laying the foundation of a new building, builders often come across burial pits filled with human bones.

3. Ghost of the Egyptian god. It is said that there is a secret tunnel between the metro station and the abandoned London museum, where the ghost of the Egyptian god Amon-Ra lives. And the reason for such rumors was the unrevealed disappearance of two women at this station in 1935. Someone tells that people hear strange cries at this place, and sometimes they even see a figure in a loincloth. Of course, skeptics consider this story to be an invention, but still it is not necessary to go in search of an Egyptian deity in the dungeons.

4. Fat monster. Chelsea is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious areas of London, but few people know that before a fat monster lived in the sewage drainage there. For several years so much fat and wet napkins accumulated in the sewer system that it all became one big 10-ton lump. It is believed that the fat hill was a "product" of the activities of local restaurants that poured the residue of vegetable oil into the drains. The authorities needed £ 400,000 to clean it and repair the broken sewage system.

5. Bodies after gangsterswars. In the 60s of the last century gangsters from the East End were known as ruthless and cruel revengers who always eliminated opponents. But for the wars and further hiding of the bodies, they chose the picturesque part of Epping Forest in the north-east of the city. There were a lot of trees there, secluded place, which means that it is easier to hide the body. Police rarely went there, so the number of corpses in this place increased at high speed.

6. The writing on the wall of the victims of the medieval tortures. Tower was built in the XI century and served as a place of imprisonment for many convicts, including Anna Boleyn and Guy Fox. Of course, many prisoners were executed, but a huge number of people had to go through the most severe torture in the dungeon of the tower. The most common was a rack - a person was put on a table or hung up, had tied hands and feet and was begun to stretch. William Rem, must have suffered terrible tortures, because he scratched on the wall the phrase: "The day of death is better than the day of birth."

7. Nazi weapons of the Second World War. In 1976, a horrible reminder of the sad past of London was discovered when a Nazi dagger was found in the Thames, where there was engraving: "Alles Fur Deutschland". To this day, it is not known how the artifact got into the river: whether it was dropped from a German aircraft or brought from Europe by an English soldier who later threw it into the river. Perhaps there is another reason why enemy weapon was found in the heart of London.

8. Underground explosions. The Great London Fire is undoubtedly one of the greatest disasters in the history of the city, but there is one more important and unpleasant event - "The Great Stink". The hot summer of 1858 and the lack of centralized sewerage caused the pollution of the Thames and the decay of waste. The streets of London were filled with unbearable stench. Houses of Parliament have only recently been restored after the fire in 1834. And since the waste was still dumped into the river below, it was decided to install a series of pneumatic waste water tow trucks - when using compressed air explosions, the waste was transported to established sewer pipes.

9. American cargo ship with the explosives. "Richard Montgomery" or "Monti" - 134-meter cargo ship, which ran aground in bad weather in 1944. The ship arrived from the United States to assist in military operations, there were 1,440 tons of ammunition on its board, including very large bombs. Experts did not find out when the deadly load can explode, but stated that if this happens - an explosion can trigger a terrible tide. On the sign before the entrance to Sharness, near which the ship is located, it is written: "Welcome to Chernness, you may have an explosion".

10. Lampreys. Because of the long history of pollution in London, many species are considered extinct - for example, the bloodsuckers, which have been declared extinct. However, despite this, the sea lamprey was discovered in the Thames in 2009, and this shocking discovery was made by a 13-year-old boy. Though, the 38-centimeter lamprey-like specimen, which he discovered, was dead.

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