Top 7 traditional British drinks

The rich, long-standing culinary traditions of Great Britain are known all over the world. And this relates not only to dishes, but also to traditional English drinks. As in many other things, in the production of their drinks, British people usually abstain from bold experiments, so the recipe and composition remain unchanged for many centuries. By the way, among the traditional English drinks, much space is devoted to alcohol, the recipes for making aromatic hot drinks are transferred from generation to generation and are highly valued by the English. It is enough to at least recall the great popularity of such traditional British institution, like pub, where beer, whiskey, ale and much more are served.

7. Pimm's - a summer cocktail, krushon, alcoholic drink with fruits is consumed in the warm season throughout the UK. Pimm`s is an unusually democratic drink. It is served both to the Queen and her personal guests at races, regattas and other events of the London social season, and in any pub in the country. This drink is an integral part of the "great British summer". Irony, of course, refers to the weather, which can give any surprises. However, no weather can not affect such "icons" of the British lifestyle, like a glass of Pimm`s.

6. Squash. No, it's not a sport or a vegetable. Squash is a typical British alcohol-free drink that is made from fruits, juice, water and sweeteners. This drink is actually very refreshing and quenching thirst, especially in summer. In the UK, the most popular squash brand is Robinsons. This brand was originally engaged in the manufacture of this drink for tennis players during the Wimbledon in 1935.

5. Cider. Another drink that has spread all over the world, but the one that causes association with Britain, is cider, which is, in fact, a fermented fruit juice. Most often, cider is made on the basis of apples or pears, but another variants are also possible. In sparkling and sweet cider, one doesn`t feel alcohol at all, but you should be careful, it's easy to get drunk. By the way, in the 18th century on farms half of the labor of workers was often paid off by cider.

4. Gin and tonic. Gin and tonic - alcoholic cocktail, which consists of two main ingredients (gin and tonic, naturally), as well as lime and ice. The ratio of the main ingredients differs depending on the recipe. The history of the origin of this alcoholic beverage is associated with British soldiers who were in India. In the 19th century, quinine tonic was very popular among them, it was given to soldiers so that they did not become infected with malaria. The taste of this drink was very bitter. To make it more pleasant, they started to mix tonic with gin, which at that time was also popular. Lime, with which the soldiers ate a drink, saved them from scurvy.

3. Ale. Another common drink of the English is alel (ginger beer), which is made with barley malt and tastes like beer, but the taste of ale is more saturated and dense, and the color is darker. Once you are in the pub, it is necessary to order a pint of ale (568 ml), because it is the best ale on tap. The British drank ale from the middle of the 17th century, especially because it was believed that it protects people from infections.

2. Whiskey. Whiskey is the oldest of British alcoholic beverages, it has been made for several centuries. Whiskey can be made on the malt basis, grain or in a mixture of the two options. The British give preference to Scotch malt whiskey. They drink it in small volume (25 grams) and, unlike Americans, clean, without ice. The most popular sorts are Glenmorangie, Glenfiddich or Laphroaig.

1. Tea is a drink that is traditionally associated with England all over the world. The British nation has not changed its deep love for this aromatic drink for many years and consumes it in huge quantities every year. The most "English" version of this drink is tea with the addition of milk. It is very important to add milk into the tea, and not vice versa. The British are convinced that otherwise the tradition will be broken, and the aroma will be changed. Tea drinking is the most important action, which almost determines the accurate English daily routine. In addition, it is best to have long social conversations over a cup of tea, this is a reason to get together a family or a company of old friends.

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traditional British drinks
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