Top 7 popular supermarkets in London

In the UK capital, competition is quite big between large trade networks. In fact, supermarkets reign in London, so there is little chance for ordinary shops. Still, the so-called corner shops (shops at the crossroads) that work "0-24" keep the power. You can find the most necessary things there: milk, eggs, bread, tea, alcohol, etc. But the trading giants continue to displace even such comfortable shops, offering their stores in a small format: Tesco Express, Sainsbury's Local. We offer top-7 supermarkets in London, where metropolitan residents and tourists like to shop.

Tesco. Tesco is the No. 1 supermarket in the UK. Shops are available in all formats - hypermarket, supermarket, express store near the house, etc. You will also meet these supermarkets in Ireland, Japan, Czech Republic, Poland, Thailand, South Korea and other countries. The assortment of goods in Tesco is truly gigantic: products, clothes and even furniture. Tesco Express in the city center is opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The main advantages are affordable prices, promotions and discounts.

Waitrose. Waitrose positions itself as supermarket, offering products of impeccable quality: cheeses, meat products, seafood, vegetables, fruits, etc. And it should be noted that this trading network did not figure in any scandal related to spoiled or counterfeit goods. They often have profitable actions and good discounts. In different areas you can see small shops Waitrose-little, which work from 7:00 to 22:00. And some people interested in culinary skills should take note that a culinary school was opened at the supermarket. Now buyers and professional chefs prepare masterpieces for Waitrose and feel themselves as one team.

Whole Foods. This American supermarket chain specializes in organic products. The British increasingly prefer natural products - and in London this direction is gradually developing. The chain stores are located in the prestigious districts of the city - High Street Kensington, Fulham. Wealthy people are ready to overpay for organic, but there is a line of Whole Foods with available offers. In addition, supermarkets have cafés, where fresh burritos, smoothies, sushi and other delicious dishes are cooked.

Morrisons. The fourth largest chain of stores in Britain. In Morrisons they offer food at low prices. At the same time, more than half of the products sold are brands with their own label. The company tries to attract customers through a thoughtful price-quality ratio and comfortable service.

Marks & Spencer / Simply Food. These supermarkets sell products only under the Marks & Spencer brand. You will not find here even such familiar drink as Coca-cola. Specialization of the network is high-quality semi-finished products. This, you can say, is an ideal choice for those who do not want to cook, but at the same time they like to have tasty food. In the assotment of Simply Food, there is a large selection of salads, dishes that can instantly be heated in the microwave, and delicious desserts. That's why there are a lot of customers at lunch there.

Sainsbury's. Sainsbury's is the oldest supermarket chain in the country, founded in 1869. This is Tesco's main competitor in the UK. The outlets are located throughout the country. At the same time, Sainsbury's manages to keep prices 5 cents lower than in Tesco, and there are practically no differences in the quality of products at these two giants.

Asda. The second largest network in the UK. In Asda you will make purchases at budget prices, even cheaper than in Tesco and Sainsbury's. But it is worth considering that the quality of some products here can be lower. In addition to food, these supermarkets sell clothes, toys, cosmetics and other goods.

Most people in London shop at large stores, as the combination of "price-quality" is optimal in them. But fresh fruits and vegetables can be bought at sellers with remote trays, standing near the metro stations and other places of the city. Also in Tesco and Sainsbury's, you can order a Meal Deal snack kit - a package with sandwiches (2-3 pieces, large choice), a package of chips or a chocolate and a drink (juice, milk, water, cola). This set will be sold for a fixed price.

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