Top 10 facts about the London Eye

London Eye - a Ferris wheel, and it is the highest in Europe. It is located on the south bank of the Thames, between Westminster Bridge and Hungerford Bridge. And although it has been standing in the British capital only for 16 years, it is already impossible to imagine a city without it. We found 10 interesting facts about the main attraction of the capital.

10. The London Eye was built as a temporary structure and was to be stood until 2005. However, because of the crazy popularity of the attraction, it was decided not to remove the London Eye.

9. Every year, the London Eye is visited by more than three million people - more than the Taj Mahal and the pyramids of Giza.

8. Over the year, the Ferris wheel rotates about 8,000 times, making a distance of 2,300 miles, which is comparable to the distance from London to Cairo.

7. The London Eye had its predecessor. On July 17th, 1895 there was the opening of the Great Wheel, a copy of the Chicago Ferris Wheel, which worked until 1907. It reached 94 meters in height and had 40 specially designed booths, each of which could accommodate up to 40 people.

6. The wheel rotates at a speed of 0.9 kilometers per hour, without stopping. Passengers come in and out on the move.

5. On the day of the wedding of Prince William and Keyt Middlton, the wheel was illuminated with colors of the British flag, and in 2005 - with pink in honor of the first civil partnerships concluded at the London Eye.

4. The wheel has 32 cabins - in accordance with the number of London boroughs. However, due to superstitions, it doesn`t have the 13th capsule.

3. In one round, the London Eye can carry up to 800 people, which is comparable to the number of passengers in 11 London double-decker buses.

2. The spacious cabins of the Ferris wheel are air-conditioned and provide a panoramic view of the city within 40 kilometers. On a sunny day, even Windsor Castle can be seen from there.

1. In the history of the London Eye, there were cases when passengers traveled not in booths, but on them. In 2003, the illusionist David Blaine made a complete rotation at the wheel, standing at one of the cabins, and in 2004, a man, dressed in a costume of Spider-Man, climbed at the attraction, to draw attention to the rights of fathers in the UK.

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