Top 10 facts about the Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge is a symbol of London, which towers over the Thames and attracts tourists. The bridge connects the south and north coast of the Thames and is located in the center of London, close to another popular attraction - the London Tower, according to numerous descriptions - one of the most famous dungeons in the world. Here you can learn about ten interesting facts about the landmark London attractions.

10. Construction of the Tower Bridge lasted 8 years - from 1886 to 1894. 432 builders worked over its construction. The bridge cost 1 million 184 thousand pounds.

9. It took 11,000 tons of steel in order to build a frame of towers and aisles.

8. Mobile bridge parts were initially activated by steam energy. However, since 1976, oil and electricity have been used to generate energy. Pump motors, batteries and boilers used in the original design are now on display at the Tower Bridge Museum.

7. To avoid an accident, in 1912 the English pilot Frank McClean had to fly on his biplane between the road below and the gallery upstairs.

6. Once the bridge was activated 50 times a day, today it happens only a few times a week.

5. Shortly after the opening, the pedestrian galleries of the bridge became notorious - pickpockets and people who wanted to commit suicide often gathered here. In this regard, in 1910, the galleries were closed to visitors. They were opened again only in 1982. Today they serve as a viewing platform and a museum.

4. Since the Tower Bridge is a symbol of the capital, it is often called the London Bridge. However, a bridge with this name also exists and it is located upstream of the Thames. In 1968, because of such confusion, there was even a funny incident: American businessman Robert McCulloch bought the London bridge, intended for demolition, thinking it was Tower Bridge.

3. In 1977, in honor of the Silver Jubilee of the Queen's reign, Tower Bridge was repainted in red, white and blue colors (before that it was chocolate color).

2. The total length of the Tower Bridge is 244 meters, and the length of the central span between the towers reaches 61 meters.

1. Unlike other drawbridges, the Tower Bridge is not activated at certain times of the day, but according to a special schedule, which is made by Tower Bridge personnel, so that the vessel can sail along the river. This timetable is constant and will not be corrected even if VIP persons pass through the bridge - as it once happened to Bill Clinton: when the US president`s motorcade passed through the bridge, it suddenly began to rise, as a result - part of the motorcade remained on the other side of the river. Another incident occurred in 1952. The London bus was on the bridge at the time of bridge`s moving. The driver had to be courageous and to bring the vehicle to the speed enough to jump from one end of the bridge to the other.

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