Top 10 facts about Oxford Street

Even if you do not know London, your feet and rumors will surely lead you to Oxford Street. This street is called a paradise for shopaholics - there are hundreds of elite boutiques, chain stores of European clothing and accessories. It will take more than a day to visit all the fashion houses and evaluate the latest collections from the world's podiums. Look through the 10 top interesting facts about Oxford Street.

10. Oxford Street is considered the busiest shopping street in Europe. It extends almost for 2.5 kilometers. Thanks to several hundreds of fashion boutiques located here on Oxford Street, there are up to half a million visitors a day. Annually, tourists spend more than a billion pounds on Oxford Street.

9. Today, Oxford Street is one of the most beautiful streets in London, but it was not always such. Earlier, the street was the final point for prisoners traveling from the Newget prison to the public gallows at the Marble Arch.

8. The most fabulous time for this street is Christmas Eve. Did you know that the tradition to decorate the street with lights appeared in 1959, after the festive vestment was received by neighboring Regent Street? Every year, the opportunity to switch on the lights on Oxford Street is given to famous personalities.

7. An unusual pub The Flying Horse is located in the building at number 6 on Oxford Street. And it is unusual by the fact, that it is the only one that has existed here since the 1790s.

6. Royal College studies conducted in 2014 showed that Oxford Street has the world's highest concentration of nitric oxide at one street because of the high traffic, which pollutes the environment.

5. The history of one of the most famous brands Topshop started exactly on this street. Then the brand was called Peter Robinson Topshop and was presented in the network of Peter Robinson stores, one of which was located on Oxford Street. Later, the name Peter Robinson was completely withdrawn, and now the flagship store of the brand is located on Oxford Street.

4. The first department store in the UK, where each floor had an escalator, appeared on this street. And this is House of Fraser.

3. Oxford Street was mentioned in the works of Charles Dickens, for example, in “A Tale of Two Cities”.

2. Londoners call Oxford Street a ladies' mile, because it is impossible to find a more desirable place for shopping.

1. Almost a whole block on Oxford Street is occupied by the department store Selfridges - one of the largest shopping centers in the UK. In 1909, it was opened by an American entrepreneur Harry Selfridge. It is believed that the introduction on the British market of American methods of attracting customers with the help of bright storefronts belongs to him.

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