10 facts about Baker Street

One of the most famous streets in London is Baker Street, and one of the most famous houses on it - 221b. Fans of Konan Doyle's art know that in this house from 1881 to 1904 Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson lived. What else is interesting about Baker Street?

10. The street was built in the XVIII century by William Baker, who gave it his name. Gradually Baker Street was built up by fashionable houses, and in the XIX century it became one of the most prestigious streets in London.

9. On Baker Street, the first Madame Tussaud wax museum appeared in 1835, which, after thirty years, was transported to Marylebone Road by the owners.

8. Sherlock Holmes, invented by Arthur Conan Doyle, lived on Baker Street. According to the story, the detective lived in a house 221b, which at the time of writing the book did not even exist. Later, the street was completed, and the house with such number appeared in reality.

7. Baker Street has a store dedicated entirely to the life and work of The Beatles.

6. The famous robbery on Baker Street occurred on December 11th, 1971 in Lloyds Bank. The robbers rented the building next to the bank and dug a 15-meter tunnel to it. As a result, 1.5 million pounds in cash disappeared from the bank, as well as jewelry for the same amount.

5. There is the London Transport Lost and Found office next to the Baker Street metro station, where personal belongings forgotten by passengers are stored. There you can find such strange objects as a doll in the form of a full-size Spider-Man, a prosthesis and even an envelope with money. And the urn with ashes was kept in the Lost and Found office for seven years.

4. In different years this street was the home of many famous companies. Here was the headquarters of Marks & Spencer, and Apple Boutique - the store of the Apple Corps corporation, founded by members of the group The Beatles, and even the office of the British intelligence service – the Directorate of Special Operations.

3. Baker Street extends to the south of Regent's Park and is located in one of the wealthiest districts of London - Marylebone. Thanks to this location, for many years this street was the habitat of the London aristocracy representatives.

2. In the XX century, many well-known personalities lived in this area. For example, in the 1960s, the famous singer Dusty Springfield lived in a house on Baker Street.

1. The Baker Street metro station along with six others on the Metropolitan Railways line was the first underground station in the world.

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