Top 13 strange dishes that the British love a lot

British cuisine is famous for the whole world for its quality and quite conservative range. Despite the fact that the British cuisine is supposed not very refined and too simple, it still boasts of its variety of food and products. Of course, the British cuisine includes many delicious dishes, for example, all sorts of tarts or the legendary fish'n'chips. But some traditional British cuisine is not for the faint of heart. We collected 13 such controversial dishes in our top.

1. Eel jelly. This dish is popular in east London. It is a boiled eel, which is covered with jellied broth. It reminds of a meat in aspic, but it does not look very attractive.

2. Black pudding. This great English breakfast is famous all over the world. The British often cook this dish, because they believe that it can help to get rid of hangover and has other miraculous properties. But this pudding is cooked of pork blood, fat and spices.

3. Pork pies. Many do not like this popular dish because of a strange mixture of salt and meat, which is also always wrapped in a jelly layer. But despite this, the British always have a pair of such pies in the picnic baskets.

4. Pea puree. Often this dish is rather tasteless and does not look attractive much. But in Britain, it seems like they will put it on toasts forever.

5. Stargazy pie. The best way to spoil the pie was found - you just need to put a couple of fish heads into it.

6. Sandwich with fish sticks. Separately, bread and fish sticks are gorgeous, but together they are pretty nasty. Bread becomes raw from fat and begins to slide in the hands. Texture and taste are quite contradictory and even ketchup does not always help.

7. Toast with marmite. Marmite is a spicy food paste made from concentrated brewer's yeast with the addition of herbs and spices. Pasta is an acquired taste. And if this is not enough, then margarine can be put on the toast.

8. Haggis. This is not a typical dish. It contains sheep's hearts, liver, lungs and many spices. Then the stomach of the same sheep is stuffed with this mixture and then boiled.

9. Chips with a taste of cocktail from shrimps. Such chips are sold in many supermarkets in Britain. And they are very tart, and the smell from the fingers does not go away for several hours.

10. Snails. In Britain snails are as popular as in France. But both here and there this is a rather strange dish and not everyone would like to try it. By the way, before, the British ate them almost raw, right from the shell.

11. Scotch eggs. Scotch eggs aret boiled eggs, covered in minced meat, and fried in breadcrumbs. Many do not like the texture of the dish, nor its smell.

12. Tripe. Rumen, or tripe is the inside of a dead animal. In cooking they use it for various dishes, such as beef, mutton or a pork tripe. It is called this way because this name generalizes the insides of animals. And this is also very popular in Britain.

13. Mince pie. These Christmas cakes are not very popular among many people because of the rather strange texture and sugary filling. But in Britain, on Christmas Eve, thousands of them are wiped out the stores shelves.

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