Top 10 facts about the London Zoo

The London Zoo is considered one of the oldest in the world. Founded almost two hundred years ago, in 1828, it is still a place where crowds of tourists flock not only from all over the country, but from all over the world. This zoo is not the largest, but it has a huge collection of amazing animals. We collected 10 interesting facts about this place, which you probably did not know about.

10. Now about 17 000 animals live in the London Zoo. It is one of the largest zoological parks in the world, located on an area of ​​15 hectares.

9. Quagga and marsupial wolves were among the first inhabitants of the zoo. At that time, they were rare animals, and for today the population of these animals is completely destroyed.

8. Bear Winnipeg - the prototype of everyone's favorite Winnie the Pooh - lived in the London Zoo in the 1920s. Bear, or rather, a black she-bear, was a mascot of the Canadian regiment. During the First World War, the regiment was sent to France. On the way, it was decided to leave Vinnie in London. So the bear started living in the zoo. She-bear was supposed to be taken back after the war, but people loved Vinnie, and she stayed in London. In 1924, writer Alan Milne came with his son Christopher Robin to the zoo. The child liked the bear so much that Christopher visited Vinnie several times and decided to call his teddy bear the same way. A few months later a famous fairy tale about a bear with sawdust in the head was born. Today you can see a monument devoted to Winnie in the zoo.

7. In the kennel of the London Zoo, the scenes from the film "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" were shot.

6. In 1933, the "round house" for gorillas was opened on the territory of the London Zoo. The building was one of the first objects of architecture in Britain, built in the Art Nouveau style.

5. In 1849, the collection of the zoo was expanded with representatives of the serpent family, for which they built a serpentarium, the first in the world, accessible to the general public.

4. The London Zoo is also noteworthy for the word "aquarium" that was invented in its walls, which replaced the term "aquatic vivarium", used earlier, from the speech.

3. The authorities do not participate in financing the London Zoo. All funds for the maintenance of animals, staff salaries and other expenses come from the accounts of volunteers - individuals and charitable organizations, not indifferent to the fate of the institution and its wards.

2. London became the first city in Europe where you could see the real African elephant or hippo. That very hippo, by the way, was a real star: up to 10 thousand spectators gathered near its aviary every day. Everyone was interested to see the strange beast.

1. In the aquarium of the London Zoo, in addition to rare or exotic species of fish from around the world, there is also a special place. In it, the zoo staff places rare fish that belong to individuals, if they do not have the opportunity to keep whimsical creations at home.

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