Be ready for your First Pole Class

Have you ever seen a girl performing complex tricks on a pole in a movie or a video clip? Did you want to learn the same graceful and at once complicated elements on the pylon? Many people ask themselves: how to learn this type of sport? There are a lot of pole dancing classes in London.

The city site of London decided to give you some advices to conquer your first pole dance class.

What do you need to have on your first pole dance class?

  • 1) Pole dancing classes require serious physical activity. Therefore, before each session, you have to heat up all the muscles of the body, joints, do stretching exercises. That`s why you will need clothes that will cover the whole body, thereby saving more heat. For heat-up we recommend using long T-shirts, leggings. When all the muscles, ligaments and joints are involved in a good warm-up activity, it allows to avoid serious injuries and strains.
    In addition to clothing for heat-up, you need to have a form for classes - a short top and short shorts. The body has to be constantly in contact with a pylon, so this kind of equipment is needed. You won't be able to hold onto the pylon. When practicing dances, the maximum part of your body should be open. To prevent slipping on the pole wear a topic and short shorts
  • 2) To get a good result from the first time is very difficult. Don't blame yourself for weakness and sluggishness , don`t throw a halfway failed experiment. A positive attitude and willpower will give you confidence in your abilities.

  • 3) Beautiful and healthy skin attracts the attention of pole dance fans. You need to take care of your skin, but after training. You do not need to use body lotion during classes . You will not be able to perform tricks on a slippery pole.
  • 4) Any activity should bring joy and moral satisfaction. Classes with the annoying music is impossible - listen to your favorite and have a positive attitude.

Poledance is a dance that combines elements of choreography, acrobatics and gymnastics. Don`t confuse Poledance with an ordinary striptease or strip-plastic, because during this sport there is a significant muscle loading. This is like a gymnastics on the crossbar, but the pylon stands in an upright position.

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