Prices for food in the UK in 2017

Great Britain is a country of traditions. But although cosmopolitan London and Manchester have absorbed hundreds of foreign customs long ago, there are things that will remain unchanged. At the same time, conservatism manifests itself not only in the veneration of the royal family and the high level of education. We see it in the original humor of the British, the style of clothes, and also the products and dishes that are preferred here. And what about the prices in the markets and caterings? Let's consider it in detail.

Stores, supermarkets, markets. London has established a reputation of one of the most expensive cities long ago. But the income of the majority of metropolitan residents is much higher than in other regions. However, people with completely different income levels find their "places" here.

Markets. In each district you will find lots of markets where you can buy fresh vegetables, fruits, farm products and flowers. The popular market is the one under the bridge - Borough Market, Islington farmers' market and the Billingsgate fish market, where the chef of London buy seafood. Many know that after lunch you can get a good discount here.

Supermarkets and shops. There are many supermarkets in the capital, including the 7 most popular. In the Tesco hypermarket, the main advantage is a huge assortment and affordable prices, reinforced by discounts. In the Waitrose network they often offer profitable actions "when buying 2 products - 3rd is for free." In Morrisons you can find good products at low prices. The leverage of Marks & Spencer - quality semi-finished products. Sainsbury's supermarket manages to set prices 5 cents lower than in Tesco. And Asda is the cheapest, besides there are departments where you can find sour cream, herring, cottage cheese, etc. But it is worth considering that the products with the mark “Smart Price” are not always of the best quality. Small shops, like Nisa, Aldi, Co-operative, Lidl, you will find in all dormitory areas. Also, there are Jewish, Lithuanian, Polish and other shops in London, where you will find your favorite products at a reasonable price.

Cafes, pubs, fast food, restaurants. The British still like broths and mashed potatoes, cornish pasty pies and cottage pies, steaks with a garnish of vegetables, all kinds of sandwiches and puddings, beer and ale, porridge and scrambled eggs and bacon - in the mornings, as well as apple pie and tea with milk. However, a lot of visiting culinary specialists from different countries varied the cuisine. And now everyone here will find the desired dish presented by Indian, French, Chinese, Georgian, Mexican, Greek, Italian and other cuisines of the world. In London you will find many cafes and restaurants where you can eat for 10-20 £, including tea and coffee, and have a snack at McDonald's for the cost of 7-8 pounds (big mac, potato, cola).

The most democratic prices are offered by establishments with "ethnic" cuisine. A snack in such cafes or street snack bars can cost between 1 and 4 pounds. For example, Turkish kebab is very popular and it costs 3-4 pounds. And in many cafes you can get such impressive portion for one, which will allow even two people to eat the snack only for 8-12 pounds. It should be noted that alcohol in the UK is quite expensive, so half of the bill often takes the cost of strong drinks. Another good option for a delicious and hearty snack is a variety of coffee houses (Princi, Monmouth Coffee, Caffe Vergnano 1882, etc.) where for 5-10 pounds you will get aromatic coffee and freshly baked cakes, pies or donuts.

One of the advantages is the opportunity to have breakfast early. Already at 5-6 o'clock in the morning you can order breakfast in one of the cafes. This will be a pleasant surprise for "larks". Traditional English breakfast of fried eggs, bacon and beans will cost about 3-4 pounds. In the evening, you can relax in one of the pubs, ordering lager for 3.5-4 pounds and mouth-watering snacks for beer for 9-12 pounds.

Street food. As for all kinds of street stalls and trolleys, the choice here will please all fans of "mobile" food. Brownie with peanut butter, dough sticks with sugar and cinnamon (Churros), donuts can be bought for 2-4 pounds, and meat pies for 5 pounds. Chinese noodles, chicken in sauce, sandwiches and burgers with kimchi you will buy for only 3-7 pounds. Rye cake ("firebread") with spinach, tomatoes, cheese and other additives costs 7-10 pounds, and the famous "fish and chips" (French fries and deep-fried fish) – 3 -7 pounds. One of the cheapest pleasures (2 pounds) is Scotch Eggs (boiled eggs fried in minced meat). Well, as you have noticed, London is a democratic city in which everyone can find tasty food and prices that are fine for you.

Prices in other cities of UK. Of course, the capital prices always "bite" more. And the farther your way will pass from London and the most popular tourist routes, the more affordable for you lunches, breakfasts and dinners will be. In addition, you will have a great opportunity to taste local cuisine, cooked according to old recipes preserved in England, Scotland and Ireland.

Vegetarian restaurants are cheaper. Vegetarian dishes are usually cheaper than dishes with meat. One of the best is called CrocusCafe in Nottingham. So on Thursdays, a three-course dinner of only 10 pounds is served. In Birmingham there is a cafe The Warehouse, where choosing the most expensive dish you will spend only 8.5 pounds. On the Happy Cow site you will find about 1,700 British institutions.

Cafes in other regions. In Windsor, Oxford, numerous cafes are popular, among them - Cinnamon Cafe, and in Yorkshire The Cookhouse and Marco's Cafe Hebden Bridge are the leaders. Throughout the UK, there are network cafes and confectioneries: Starbucks, Italian Cafe Nero, French Cafe Rouge, Paul, etc. But true gourmets say that the best dishes they have tried in small towns. Good breakfasts are served in the mini-hotels (Eighteen97, South Lodge Guest House, The Old Kiln House Bed and Breakfast, etc.). In Dublin, there is an establishment "Green Nineteen", where the main dishes cost up to 10 euros. Here, a white bean stew is prepared, stewed chicken breast with chorizo, Moroccan spicy tajin from lamb. Also here you can order a variety of coffees "Negroni", "Green Mexican", etc. And in the restaurant of Pakistani cuisine "Kinara Kitchen" you can order a 3-course menu for 20 pounds, and portions are very large.

Cooking on your own, using discounts on websites. If you prefer to cook by yourself, then you will always win. After all, pork can be bought for 5 pounds, a kilogram of beef tenderloin will cost about 8 pounds, and lamb - for 12 pounds, the chicken can be found for 4 pounds. Further refilling the refrigerator: eggs - 2-2.5 pounds per dozen, cheese can be found for 7-12 pounds (kilogram), pasta - for 1.5 pounds (kilogram). And fans of fish can pay about 10 pounds for a kilogram of cod or salmon. Concerning alcohol consumption, expenses will also be moderate: a bottle of beer - 1-2 pounds, a bottle of inexpensive wine - 5-15 pounds, and brandy - up to 20 pounds.

Specialized sites. If you register on the OpenTable website, you will get access to special offers of British cafes, restaurants and bars, including discounts on the menu up to 50%. A lot of London institutions share discounts on the resource Lastminute, in the sections "Top 10 offers" and "Offers up to 20 pounds."

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