Oxford Street and Kings Road have the dirtiest air in London

The British authorities ignore the demands of the United Nations to protect the lives and health of ordinary citizens from the dangerous effects of polluted air. The United Nations came to this conclusion after studying the report, which will be made public this week during the meeting of the UN Human Rights Council.

The author of the report, expert Baskut Tunkak, stresses that air pollution in the UK grows annually. Moreover, official London does almost nothing to ensure the health of the population, even after repeated letters regatory. The UK violates its obligations to the international community, as the air quality in the country does not improve, the expert believes. Annually in Britain, because of the polluted air, up to 40 thousand people die prematurely. The highest content of nitrogen dioxide, harmful to human health, recorded in London, as well as in Birmingham, Leeds and Ipswich.

In the British capital, the most dangerous in this sense are Oxford Street, Kings Road in Chelsea and Strand. The most vulnerable categories of the population are the elderly and children, which is of great concern to public organizations. The government agreed - there is a problem. And then they hastened to declare the termination of the sale of diesel and gasoline cars by 2040. Such step, according to the authorities, will significantly improve air quality in cities. The UN report also notes that if the European Union adopts the so-called green strategy to improve the environmental situation in the region, Britain will significantly lag behind the EU in terms of health indicators after Brexit. Therefore, for example, the Labor Party already calls on the government to adopt a new law on environmental protection that meets international requirements. Such step will protect the lives and health of millions of Britons, they believe.

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