9 options for easy additional income

Money, as is known, does not grow on trees, but this does not mean that they can be earned with great difficulty only. Presenting 9 ways to earn little cash almost effortlessly. The best way to earn - of course, while you are sleeping. They say so, meaning that your life goes on and and wealth gets increased at its own course, even without special intervention from your side. Unfortunately, most of us can not afford just to buy 8 houses and rent them out or hire an agent to manage their real estate while they are sitting and watching the increase of income. But this does not mean that you can not provide yourself with a little extra income not overworking much. Here are nine ways to do this:

1. Make more money on your work. This seems quite obvious, but first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the possibility of increasing existing incomes. First, find out whether you are entitled to a salary increase. Such question to the leadership will not cause you any harm and may be much more effective than you think. Secondly, are there any advantages of your work that you have not previously used? Vouchers for childcare, loans for seasonal travel or any other expenses that your superiors are ready to cover. Thirdly, find out whether you are entitled to any tax benefits or discounts and be sure to use them.

2. Get compensation for money already spent. Every time you pay in cash - you overpay. Every time you pay with a card that does not provide a refund, you also overpay. These little magical pieces of plastic can give you back a certain amount of money spent with each purchase. But only if you regularly maintain a monthly balance! If you do not like using a credit card, there are also bank accounts with "cashback" - however, most often, when you open such account, you agree to pay a certain fee monthly, so make sure that the amount received back is bigger than the monthly payment. And do not stop there, sites like topcashback, TBSeen and Quidco claim that you can get money back even for online purchases.

3. Buy things that become expensive over time. Over the past year, the average price of real estate in Britain increased by £ 9,265.41. This is almost ten thousand, which the homeowners earned, without even making minimum efforts. But not only real estate grows in the price. Everything from Lego erector sets to old toys and game consoles is gradually growing in price. So, if you are ready one day to part with your favorite toy, the right choice with the purchase will help you to earn some money without straining.

4. Earn on daily trips. Every time you leave the house you can earn money through door-to-door services that can turn your daily trips to work in the delivery of courier services. On the Nimber website, you can choose a package for delivery along your normal route. For example, if you are coming from Bromley to High Wycombe, you can earn up to £36 by delivering a folding table along this route. You can double this amount with the help of the BlaBlaCar website, where you will find fellow travelers who will pay about £ 30 for a trip from London to Manchester. You can also earn even while on vacation, the AirMule website will pay you for the transportation of someone else's luggage, in case you do not have your own.

5. Make your property work. Will you allow someone to drive your car while you are not using it? What about the driveway? Or your house/apartment? You can rent out your driveway on the Parkonmydrive website, easycarclub will help you to rent out your car, and Airbnb will find people who would like to rent your house if you do not live in it. In addition, you can rent out any items as decorations, and a spare room can be rented out daily.

6. Make your savings work as well. Interest rates on a savings account are terribly low. But this does not mean that you can neglect it. If you do a little research, then make sure that there are offers of more than 0.01% as some banks suggest. There are accounts that offer 3% per annum, ordinary savings accounts with annual rates of up to 5% and fixed savings bonds, which pay up to 1.85%. If you are willing to take a small risk, you can earn more - with the help of collective credit accounts, providing up to 7% of profit per year, or even more, if you enter the securities market.

7. Hire someone to earn for you. Everyone knows about the need to always compare and control your expenses each year, or even more often. But it's not so simple. The good news is that the number of companies that are ready to do it for you, has appeared and is constantly increasing on the market. They do it for a small fee, which you pay only if there is significant savings. For example, Flipper. They compare your electricity costs and automatically transfer you to the most efficient tariff. The services cost £ 25, but you will pay only if the savings amount is no less than £ 50. OneDox offers similar services, at the same time it takes to optimize your expenses not only for electricity, but also for telephone, television and the Internet. Accounts for these services are consolidated and the company will provide you with a recommendation for the services of which of the providers you better use. But unlike the previous company, they can not make a decision for you.

8. Turn your hobby into a profit. Internet is an amazing thing, and what it makes the best is uniting people who know something with people who need something. If you know how to cook, you can sell food to those who would like to buy it, photographers can sell their pictures to agencies, if you are a beginner blogger - try to attract advertisers to your site.

9. Find people who will pay for your stuff. While trading on eBay requires a certain amount of free time and the need to deal with the distribution of purchases, there is a whole category of new applications and sites that need only a photo of a thing you don`t need and after a while the buyer himself will knock on your door with money in hand. Using applications such as Gumtree, Shpock, and the Facebook Marketplace, you do not even have to leave your house in order to get rid of stuff for a reward.

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