Top 5 mystical legends of London

London is amazing and mysterious city, has long won the glory of one of the largest European capitals. It is no wonder that in this long history the capital was covered with legends and mystical stories. This is exactly what will be discussed today. We collected for you 5 urban legends, of which most Londoners have not even heard.

5. The nun in the bank. This bone-chilling story took place in 1811. One of the England Bank employees accused of counterfeiting, was executed. Friends of the dead felt sorry for his sister and concealed the fact of execution. When she finally found out about it, she went mad. She almost every day came to the bank and looked for her brother, wearing a long black dress and a black veil. She was even dubbed a "bank nun." Then she began to make scandals, which forced the leadership to take measures and even give her some amount of money, so she did not appear and did not arrange scandals. After that, the woman no longer appeared in the bank. But after her death, she began to visit the institution again. She was met more than once by bank employees who stayed late at work. And even now she asks the same question as three hundred years ago: "Have you seen my brother?"

4. Ghost-bus. Everyone knows about the red double-decker buses traveling around London. There are a lot of supernatural stories connected with them. The staff of the Museum of Public Transport tells with pleasure about one ghost bus. Legend has it that the bus number 7 allegedly became the culprit of an accident in which a young driver died, but no one saw the bus. And after this incident, the unfortunate bus rushes at a huge speed into oncoming traffic and blinds everyone with the headlamps at the same crossroads in an hour and a quarter at night. And, of course, no one has ever seen a driver.

3. Black dog. This story takes its origin from the infamous Newgate prison. The underlying story is simple. It is believed that during the reign of Henry III, when hunger was raging in the country, it did not bypass the unfortunate prisoners. And when a scientist accused of witchcraft got into prison, full of thugs, murderers and thieves, who were skilled in the art of standing up for themselves, the temptation was too great. They wanted to eat - and they ate the doctor. However, they regretted their actions, because a huge black dog appeared at night, which was bleeding. In that dog, criminals have recognized the scientist eaten the day before. According to legend, all the accomplices of the crime killed themselves or were torn to shreds.

2. The flying carriage. Cabss and carriages are also the part of English history. Exactly to them the next legend is related. It originates in 1961, in Infield. The bicyclist collided with a black carriage, into which four horses were harnessed. The carriage was managed by two people. As the man said, he clearly heard the sound of hoofs and wheels. But the most terrible and strange is that the carriage floated above the ground and simply passed through him. And then it disappeared. It is assumed that the carriage was of the 18th century. At that time, carriages sank very often, unable to restrain on the track. It is believed that in this way one of them reminds itself.

1. The ghost of Jack the Ripper. The most famous serial killer, Jack the Ripper, could not to leave a sign in his hometown. Every year on December 31st, around midnight, he jumps into the Thames from the parapet of Westminster Bridge again. You can even see a cold-blooded killer if you get to be nearby. Legend has it that just at this time in 1888 Jack threw himself off the bridge. Now his ghost repeats this jump year after year.

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