Nine ways to have a great weekend in Dulwich

Dulwich is one of the few places that managed to preserve the atmosphere of "old London" and the fabulous country charm. It is ideal for a long walk with family or friends. We will tell you how to spend time in Dulwich with fun and usefully.

1. Go to the Dulwich Picture Gallery. The Dulwich Picture Gallery was the first public art gallery in the world. It was founded by Sir Francis Bourgeois. In 1811 he gave to the gallery his entire collection of paintings, so that the public could also enjoy the beauty of the canvases and develop spiritually. And the building itself was designed by the famous architect Sir John Soane. It is really an interesting historical place, which every Londoner should visit.

Gallery Road, SE21 7AD

2. Drink a cocktail in Summer Pavilion. Installation Summer Pavilion, which adjoins the Dulwich Picture Gallery, will be opened until October 8th. This is a great place for a couple of cocktails or cups of coffee in a pleasant company. In addition, Summer Pavilion looks bright and interesting, which means it can serve as an excellent background for a photo shoot.

Gallery Road, SE21 7AD

3. Admire the local architecture. It's no secret that Dulwich is one of the best places in London to buy a house. And not for nothing. Here the atmosphere is very pleasant, and the local buildings look very neat and cute. It is impossible to resist making a couple of photos against the background of the most beautiful garden or house.

4. Take a tour around independent shops. In small shops you can always find something unusual and inexpensive. In Dulwich, you should pay attention to the Franklin's Farm Shop and Restaurant, The Cheese Block and the art Colour makes people happy.

5. Walk along the market to the North Cross Road. A lively market on the North Cross Road runs every Saturday. At all the London markets, as you know, you can find many goodies, interesting trinkets and products at favorable prices. The market on North Cross Road is no exception. If you are at this place, be sure to try cheese toasts from Meltsmiths.

North Cross Road, East Dulwich, SE22 9ET

6. Check out the local street art. Dulwich occupies a place of honor in the list of London sites with the best graffiti and street installations. Did not know that? Then you will be surprised.

7. Treat yourself to aromatic coffee and local pastries. Start with a cup of coffee and a piece of pie in Romeo Jones. According to the residents themselves, this institution treats the best coffee in the district. And do not forget to visit GAIL's Bakery to purchase amazing bread masterpieces of local bakers.

8. Organize a trip to the local pub. The best end of a long walk, of course, is a pint of beer and delicious food. By the quality of pubs, Dulwich is in no way inferior to the London borough. The two most popular places to visit are The Crown & Greyhound and Great Exhibition.

9. Take a walk in the autumn parks. In the vicinity of Dulwich, there are two largest parks: Dulwich Park and Belair Park. In the first there are as much as 72 acres of green space, so here you can have a good walk. And the second one refers to picturesque areas, which gladden with bright colors at any time of the year, and especially in autumn.

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