The London pub sells beer at £13.4 for a half liter

London is known for the fact that its drinking establishments sell expensive beverages, but one of the capital's pubs has completely lost all hezitations and sells beer at a sky-high price. A half liter of beer in the Rake Pub at the Borough Market is sold for £13.4, while the average price of the drink is £4.08 per half liter. Users of social networks have sharply criticized the pub and its prices. One user noted that £7 – it is already expensive for a pint of beer (about 0.5 liters), and about £14 – just crazy.

However, the pub management does not believe that beer`s price is too high. As noted in the pub, the pub cherishes its customers, so it sells only high-quality drink. Also they explained that the too high price for Cloudwater beer is also due to the fact that the supplier increased the cost of supplies. Now good beer costs four times more. The supplier is Euroboozer. The company says that no one forces visitors to buy expensive beer. There is always a choice, and in the range there are cheaper drinks. But if you want to try a really great drink, you have to fork out, since good beer costs good money, Euroboozer believes.

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