How to find cheap accommodation in London

The majority of the world's population is below the poverty line. For those who got into this category, surviving in London is an extremely difficult task. However, this is not easy for people with an average level of wealth as well. Living in one of the 20 most expensive cities in the world, many spend most of their savings on renting an apartment, food and other minimum needs. Nevertheless, in London you can save money on something. How exactly - we will tell in our article. Even if you moved to London recently, you probably already had time to notice that the primary problem faced by city residents is the search for living space. Houses in London are the most expensive in the country, and living outside of the city entails huge transport costs.

Prices: The average cost of renting a single room is £400- £500, but a room for two will cost you as much as £500- £900.

Search for a suitable area: it would be nice to walk through the most expensive and luxurious blocks of London, and then stay away from them. After all, you need areas in which rooms are rented out at affordable price.

Where to search: ideally you need to start with accomodation search sites, as well as with local newspapers.

Communication with the landlord: if you like a room, it is better to communicate in person with a person who leases it. But any agents should be avoided as much as possible, as they will take a lot of money from you.

Discussion of the conditions: do not spend money on living in fancy and elite areas, but try to negotiate with the landlord that you will share the room with a friend.

Search for a room.

If you want to rent a room, you will need two sites: and Easyroommate. Just in case, you can get acquainted with TDP - Tenancy Deposit Protection (deposit protection system). It provides that the landlord contributes your bail to a program that protects it before the return or before you cancel this bail. So the owner of the house can not disappear from the city and leave you in a deplorable state. Protection of deposits is a necessary thing, therefore, before transferring money to the account of the lessor, find out more about this system.

Deposit: if you need to transfer money to your new bank account to make a deposit and pay for the first month of rent, you can consider either Transferwise or HiFX. These are the best ways to transfer money abroad, which allow you not to pay bank charges.

Looking for a companion.

Here are your main tasks: to find a house, talk with the landlord and try to find a companion for a joint rent of housing. The latter can be done using the site

Beware of scammers.

On sites such as Gumtree and Craigslist, there are many tempting offers for housing. Be vigilant and beware of scammers. Before making a money transfer, it is worth to see the apartment and talk with the landlord.

The best places to rent an apartment.

Obviously, living in such areas as Shoreditch and Mayfair will cost you, so it's better to look for a room at not so fashionable places. Try to find accommodation in Camberwell (average cost is £550 per month), Elephant and Castle (about £600-650 per month, while the area is only ten minutes from the city center), and also in Walthamstow (£450). But remember that cheaper areas can be quite squalid and have a high crime rate.

Where to Live Wizard: if you are already worn out in search of housing, but have not decided which area you want to live in, use the online application Where To Live In London Wizard. It will help to make a choice, based on your character.

Do not consider as an option a house near metro stations: renting a house near the main metro stations will be incredibly expensive, so it is better to pay attention to the houses located near the bus routes.

Think outside the box: the cheapest accommodation in London is not rooms, but moored ships and vans. You can leave your stuff and spend the night for a small fee.

Free accommodation in London.

Those who need a temporary (and cheaper) option, can look after someone else's house, objects of historical real estate or just do some work in exchange for living. Of course, all this is unstable, but it allows you to enjoy the sights of London and earn money.

Buying a house.

Can not handle this huge fee? The bail at purchase of the new house from the certain companies-developers can be only 5%. In this case, you will be provided with an additional loan, the size of which reaches 20%. For more information, contact your local HomeBuy representative. He will help you apply for participation in this program. But do not forget that in a few years you will not only have to pay the mortgage, but also return the government a loan of 20%. If you are absolutely sure that after a while you can earn so much money, then this option is for you.

Mortgage: to choose the best mortgage option, and also calculate when you have the money to pay it, use the mortgage calculator Moneysavingexpert.

Share property: if you earn less than £60,000 a year, you can resort to shared property. Thus, you can pay for your house a small percentage and spend much less than with a regular purchase. This option is suitable for many young people who are just getting on their feet. After all, instead of spending money on rent, they buy a part of the house, getting their own housing.

Additional costs for buying a house.

Utility tax: among other things, you will have to pay utility tax, the amount of which varies from district to district (the cheapest places are Wandsworth, Westminster and Newham). The size of taxes in different areas can be found on the government website.

Payment for provided loan: if you take a loan, you may have to pay the creditor a fee, which is usually £1000.

Expenses for legal services: the cost of legal services will be from £500 to £800, but legal control will cost you at £300-700.

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