All you need to know about making money while studying in London

There can`t be too much money, especially if you study in one of the most expensive cities in the world - London. It is full of amazing places and welcoming establishments, from traditional pubs and noisy pizzerias to cozy cafes and fancy restaurants. How to pay for visits there and how to earn without harm to education - learn from our article.

Participation in online surveys. Online surveys are an easy way to earn pocket money. First you need to register on such sites as Toluna or Mysurvey. The site will determine which polls to send you, and then they will be sent to your e-mail. This occupation allows you to earn quite a bit - about £200 a year.

Sale of culinary recipes. The sale of recipes will help to earn for dinner in a cafe or a fashionable establishment. First you need to create a blog or send your articles to an existing site. For example, share a chicken broth recipe of your grandmother at

Shopping at the second-hand. If you are ready to arrange small shopping, safely to a second-hand. There you can buy some nice things and, raising the price a little, put them on eBay.

Selling photos. Look closely at how many amazing details surround you! It is time to record them. And then, after uploading a photo to iStock or Fotolia, you can start earning. Work and hobbies in one bottle - what could be better?

Money or hair? This is probably the most profitable option. For your amazing curles, Bloomsbury Wigs will pay £200. But Banbury Postiche can offer £5 for every ounce of hair (if their length is more than 12 inches). And although it is good money, it is not a fact that the game is worth the risk.

Walk the dogs. Walking other people's dogs can bring up to £90 per hour. On average, one owner is willing to pay for a walk with his pet £15. But with a lucky combination of circumstances, you can take six dogs at once.

Sell textbooks and outlines. If you graduated from the course and no longer need thick textbooks containing only four pages of useful information, sell them on WeBuyBooks, Amazon or EBay. In addition, you can collect materials for other people's works, and sell your notes on the sites Notesale or Stuvia.

Collect Coupons. It is know that coupons help to save hundreds of pounds. Cut them out of magazines and newspapers or print from websites, and then just show at the cashbox. Thanks to this, your check will decrease. For more information, go to Studentmoneysaver.

Buy alcohol and get money. Some companies, for example Serve Legal, hire secret buyers to buy drinks in bars, pubs and some stores. The purpose of such purchases is to check whether you have are asked for documents. For this trifling service you will get a drink and a small fee. One visit can bring you £6- £10.

Take part in the "Bring Your Friend" action. You can earn extra money by registering on the site and bringing a friend to it. Here are a few similar suggestions: TransferWise - £50 for three invited friends who made a money transfer of £200; TopCashback - a return up to £7.50 in cash, after your friends earn the first £10; Airbnb - from £15 to £55 for each friend; Swagbucks - a bonus of $5 for one invitation and 10% of your friend's earnings.

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