New information placards in the London metro

Residents of London can enjoy the latest information boards, which broadcast information about the metro workload at the moment. The new screen, located at the entrance to the platform, by three colors (red, yellow, green) informs which wagons are most loaded and which are practically free. The technology is based on the analysis of the "weight coefficient". This innovation will help passengers feel much more comfortable.

The software, which Transport for London (TfL) installed on Monday, is currently being tested at the Shoreditch High Street Overground station in East London. Jonathan Fox, director of TfL, said that, as the popularity of the London subway continues to grow every year, it is worth making sure that trips are easier and more convenient. If successful, TfL will expand the project to other stations, but this will require more funds. In the meantime, it is assumed that the program will be tested at this station until December.

Most passengers are happy with the innovation. "I like it when you can easily choose the right wagon, because I feel a bit depressed if I have to stand in a crowded wagon all the way," - says Izzy Jones, 32, from East Dulwich. 54-year-old Anthony Davids, who travels to London every day from Watford, said: "I think it's a great idea, I hope this will help make the trip to the metro a little more tolerable at rush hour." However, not all were impressed by the innovation. For example, the 26-year-old Alexander Pelling-Bruce from Kilburn said he does not see any meaning in the scoreboard: "I do not understand why anyone needs to use it, just use your eyes."

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