Why you need to visit Cotswolds at least once

This wonderful place is located on the territory of the counties of Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire. Cotswolds is idyllic rustic England: lovely villages, clean nature and solid charm. Come here and you will want to stay here forever. And if you still have doubts, just read on. We will tell you why you need to pack your bags right away.

It is stunningly beautiful here.

Hills, wild meadows, ancient woods and calm waters - Cotswolds is beautiful as a picture. Wherever you turn, you will see scenic landscapes everywhere. Such place you not find anywhere else.

It is not boring here.

It would seem, why go to nature? It is boring. But in Cotswolds there is always something to do. You will see medieval castles, magnificent abbeys, zoos with crocodiles and sleigh rides with cute Husky dogs. It is interesting, beautiful and there is something to make children busy with on vacation. So try to get enough time for everything.

This is a paradise for avid readers.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the beauty of these places inspired writers and poets. It was here where the muses visited Laurie Lee, John Tolkien, Beatrice Potter and James Barry.

And also a paradise for gourmets.

Thanks to the excellent dishes served here, the Cotswolds has earned a reputation for a gastronomic paradise. Be sure to try Gloucester Old Spot pork, Tewkesbury mustard, Stinking Bishop cheese, Hobbs House bread or Bibury trout. And here they also grow delicious and healthy vegetables, which you can taste in restaurants, and, of course, make ale, beer and gin.

Here are the most beautiful villages in the world.

A distinctive feature of the houses - honey-colored stones. They are adorable, like traditional pubs and the surrounding nature. In this ensemble of calm and beauty everything plays an important role. Each village has its own character and zest. Bourton-on-the-Water is elegant, and Slaughters breathes peace, but all localities combine truly magical charm. It makes you want to buy a house and stay here forever.

The cities are also magnificent.

Cotswolds can be proud of not only villages, but also the most beautiful cities in the country. For example, Bath, known for traditionally warm spring and stunning Georgian architecture, is so picturesque that it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And if you are a culture lover, come to Cheltenham. It is here that the famous Jazz Festival, Literary Festival and glamorous horse racing Gold Cup are held.

No better pubs than there.

No need to look for more? After all, there are traditional institutions with a fireplace, a friendly dog, original ale, idyllic beer garden, and all this in the heart of the Cotswolds. Take a look there for a beer after a walk or come in the evening and try a dinner that will make you eat your fingers.

At this place the heart beats more often.

It would seem that here it is so calm and quiet that it is a place for melancholy wandering through beautiful meadows, hugging a sheep and singing melodic songs. But do not forget about adrenaline. Cotswolds is a center of cycling. Confirmation of that is a project "417", the largest private bicycle park in the country, located near Cheltenham. Well, if two wheels - it is not yours, pay attention to the water park Cotswold. It has everything you need for swimming, water skiing and wakeboarding.

If you like to walk on foot.

The best way to explore this area is to walk by foot. The national trail of the Cotswold Way, 164 km long, lies just across the local sights: picturesque landscapes, spacious meadows, ideal villages and a beautiful forest. Just choose what is closer to you.

Local people can remind you of someone.

If you like to stare at celebrities, you will have such an opportunity. For now, it is the most famous residents of this area - Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, who settled in Highgrove, near the beautiful town of Tetbury. Also here you can meet Kate Moss, Keith Winslet, Damien Hirst and Alex James (bassist of the Blur).

Magnificent gardens.

Which garden do you prefer - well-kept, chic, homely, Victorian - they can be found at the local places. For example, Cerney House Gardens, located near Cirencester, is like an illustration to the book "The Secret Garden", and Hidcote Manor Garden will be like by art lovers.

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