Myeclass Curriculum And Instruction Tool

Your classroom today is the classroom of tomorrow. There are digital resources available to our teachers and students now that will expand the walls of the classroom.

The classroom of tomorrow is your classroom today.

For teachers and students there are new digital resources that will expand the walls of the classroom. These resources are a part of the eCLASS Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) Tool and they foster collaboration and nurture creativity and innovation - writes

How do you think, what does it mean for students? Sure - easy access— anytime, from anywhere— to a rich collection of digital resources and also an extension to the virtual classroom. Professors will be able to provide digital content with the help of this online tool for enrichment or for extra practice, the teachers will be able to meet each student’s learning needs. Besides, teachers will be able to set up their course pages that link a library of online materials tied to classroom lessons, giving students additional opportunities to learn the material covered in class. Using the MYeCLASS Student Portal and an Internet-connected device, students can check collaborate with classmates, assignments, submit them, and even take classroom assessments… 24/7.

Easy login

With student`s user ID, use MYeCLASSandpassword to securely access your teacher’s course page.

What students can do there:

• Check assignments,

• Read materials,

• Watch a video,

• Perform exercises,

• Collaborate withclassmates,

• Submit assignments toa drop box, and

• Take classroomassessments


What is the eCLASS Curriculum and Instruction Tool and howwill teachers use it?

The eCLASS Curriculum and Instruction Tool provides a robustonline environment that facilitates teaching and learning and enhancescommunication. Teachers can use the tool to provide theirstudents with appropriate digital materials aligned with what theyare learning. In addition, teachers can assign homework, conduct assessments, and facilitate virtual discussions. Your child’s schooland teachers will determine how to blend these digital resourceswith other learning activities and to what extent he or she will usethe eCLASS Curriculum and Instruction tool.

Does this tool have any impact on a student`s studying?

We think this innovative resource will have a positive impact onboth teaching and learning. Teachers will have more resourcesavailable to them. As a result, students may be assigned activitiesand materials using digital content that enhances their learning,including videos, online textbooks, problem sets, or other materials.

They may be able to complete and submit work electronically,in a Word document or presentation format, withoutthe need to print their work. Students also maybe able to work together online, sharing information with each other.

What does my student need to access the eCLASS Curriculumand Instruction tool?

A student will need access to the Internet and a compatible device,such as a desktop or laptop computer. There are many mobile devices which can also load and display the course page and associatedinformation.

What is a course page?

It looks like a website for a teacher; a course page is where the teacherwill post information and class content. Each course page is setup by the teacher for his or her class.

How does my student access the course page?

After a student has created a password for MYeCLASS, the studentcan log into the course page through his or her MYeCLASSaccount. Teachers will inform their students when they begin toassign work through the tool. Students will use their own individualuser ID and password, ensuring safe and secure access.

Only the teacher and other students in the class have access tothe course page. When it comes to a student’s individual work…that is only available to that student and the teacher.

Will students be able to access this tool all the day – even at night and on weekends?

This information is available through the MYeCLASSstudent portal, that`s why it will be available to students 24/7. Students will be able to access to MYeCLASS from any place - it could be home, library, or via an Internet hot spot. These teachingand learning resources will be available 24 hours a day, sevendays a week, with occasional, brief unavailability for plannedmaintenance. That said, teachers will schedule assignment due dates for specific days. While students will have round-the clockaccess to the digital resources, they still are responsible formeeting assigned deadlines.

What to do if my student cannot access the course page at homeand is unable to complete an assignment?

If any student has difficulty in accessing the course page, he or sheshould tell the teacher about the problem next day.

Can my student work with other classmates through thecourse page?

For some assignments, teachers will allow students to collaboratewith their classmates online. In these cases, teachers canmonitor the online discussions among students.

Will the tests be taken using the new tool?

Teachers will have the ability to conduct classroom assessmentsthrough their course page electronically. But, not all teacherswill choose to do this. Schoolwide assessments will not beadministered in the Curriculum and Instruction Tool.

Is it possible for students to contact their teacher via the coursepage?

Yes, there are some ways for students to contact teachers through their coursepages, - for example - through Discussions. That said, teachers typicallyinstruct students in the best way to contact them.

Will the course page replace the teacher’s website?

It may, but this will be the school’s and/or teacher’s decision.

The benefits of using MYeCLASS :

• Additional instructional resources are available for teachers andstudents… resources that are aligned with Gwinnett’s AKS curriculumand have been reviewed by Gwinnett teachers.

• Students who need extra help have opportunities for additionalreview and practice.

• Students who need additional challenges can benefit fromenrichment activities available online.

• Students can collaborate on assignments with classmates withoutthe need to be on site with one another.

• Teachers can collect assignments without the need to printdocuments and can provide feedback directly to students electronically.

Do students need to bring mobile devices to class in orderto use the eCLASS Curriculum and Instruction Tool?

No. Teachers will use the tool in class in such a way that allstudents will benefit from its use. However, most of the schoolshave Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, so students inparticipating BYOD schools may be able to use their own devicewhile in school.

My student does not have a mobile device with wifi Internetconnectivity. Will she have a problem using the eCLASS Curriculumand Instruction tool?

No. Teachers understand that not all students have devices withwifi Internet connectivity.

What if my student doesn’t have Internet access at home?

Should a student not have access to the Internet at home, his orher teacher will work with that student to assure that the studenthas alternative assignments and opportunities to learn thecontent. And while a teacher’s course page will provide a numberof learning opportunities, not all assignments will come throughthe course page.

Will I be able to see my student’s course pages?

You may access the course pages through your student’s account.

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Myeclass eclass CurriculumAndInstructionTool
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