The 20 most common ways which Londoners use to save money

Saving money and London are not exactly compatible things. Everyone knows that life in the capital is not cheap, and the expenses are waiting for Londoners at almost every corner. But, it turns out, it is still possible to save, if you really want to.

In a new study conducted by Carphone Warehouse, 5,000 Londoners were interviewed. People were asked how they control their finances and whether they manage to save money. It was found that more than half (56%) of the residents of the capital are constantly in search of new methods of reducing expenses.

Currently, more than half (52.6%) people collect coupons for discounts, and a quarter (23.18%) of Londoners tried to save money on their hairstyle by stopping attending a hairdresser.

Surprisingly, almost a fifth of respondents (19.24%) grow food by themselves, and 23.5% of Londoners admitted that they use tap water as a drinking water.

According to the research, a list of methods of saving money, which Londoners practice, was created:

1. Take their own bags to the supermarket.

2. Collect discount coupons.

3. Use the cards of a regular customer.

4. Take lunch with them at work.

5. Dress warmer and do not turn on the heater.

6. Re-use the gift wrap.

7. Sew up clothes, instead of buying new.

8. Buy goods only at sales.

9. Cut hair by themselves.

10. Use tap water as a drinking water.

11. Do not flush the toilet every time.

12. Read only free newspapers.

13. Charge the phone and laptop at work.

14. Grow their own products.

15. Buy discounted products.

16. Rarely wash clothes.

17. Several members of the family bathe in the same water.

18. Often go to visit friends and relatives to eat.

19. Take home free seasonings from restaurants.

20. Return clothes back to the store after wearing it several times.

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