You will never hear the royal family say these 6 words, and that is why

The social anthropologist and author of the book " Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of Behaviour", Kate Fox gave a fascinating insight into the vocabulary of the royal family.

No one will argue with the fact that the royal family is not like another people. Numerous differences are not only in financial and material aspects. It turns out that the vocabulary of the royal family also differs from the usual speech of common British.

Kate Fox listed in her book certain words that the Queen, Prince Charles, Kate, Will and other members of the royal family never use in their speech.

1. Toilet

The word ‘toilet’ is more acceptable than ‘bog’ or ‘loo’, but it is the latter option that is used when a member of Windsor wants to release himself. The word ‘toilet’ is of French origin, maybe that is the reason why it is avoided. So, if you ever wander through the huge corridors of Buckingham Palace, and you need to powder your nose, then ask the lackey where the nearest loo is.

2. Pardon

It is believed that ‘pardon’ is much more polite than other alternatives to this word. However, this does not apply to the royal family - for them this is an abusive and swear word. Instead, from the Queen you can hear ‘sorry’ or ‘sorry, what’.

3. Perfume

Usual for us is the line between aroma and smell, that is, the aroma is something pleasant like perfume or a flower, but to smells we most often attribute something unpleasant. The royal family has it the opposite way: their perfume, food and flowers in the garden have an excellent smell, but not an aroma.

4. Tea

According to Kate Fox, the surest way to show your distance from the royal family is to call your dinner an afternoon tea. If you want to share a meal with the Queen, then invite her to dinner or supper. She probably will not come, but at least she will know what you mean.

5. Lounge

In the palaces there is a huge number of rooms, but none of them is a lounge room. Instead, the royal family gathers and rests in the room, which they call the drawing room or the sitting room.

6. Posh

The first rule of the aristocrat is: do not treat anyone or call yourself an aristocrat (posh). In the royal circles, the word ‘smart’ is more often used, in this sense.

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