The humiliating confession of the Conservative Party

Conservatives were forced to admit that there were no additional funds for school breakfasts, despite the fact that a promise to allocate £26 million for this purpose earlier was made public.

Education Minister Damian Hinds boasted that the government will allocate £26 million for school breakfasts for children who cannot compete for free breakfasts in accordance with a social payment by Universal Credit. However, it turned out that there would be no additional funding, and he simply repeated the promise made by the Conservatives several months ago.

A few days ago, on March 19th, Education Minister Damian Hinds said that "more children throughout the country will receive healthy and nutritious breakfasts thanks to a government investment of £26 million." But the question from the Labor Party forced Conservatives to refute their own statement and to say that they promised to allocate this money a few months ago.

This is another shameful confession from the Conservative Party, which followed the same ambiguous promise to provide children with "7 pence breakfasts" that Conservatives promised during the election campaign, as well as Hynds's words about increasing school funding and the fact that budget cuts will not affect any of the schools.

On March 19th, Hinds personally announced that £26 million were allocated for school breakfasts, but "forgot" to add that this funding had already been announced a few months ago, and that the money would be divided by three years. However, on March 26th, in response to a written question, Labor Party spokeswoman Angela Rayner, Minister Nadhim Zahawi, was forced to admit that the government simply repeated the promise already made.

Conservatives said that will allocate £26 million for breakfasts, which will come thanks to a tax on sweet drinks. This money will be divided into 3 years: £1 million in 2017-18, £12.5 million in 2018-19 and £12.5 million in 2019-20. Considering that 4.7 million pupils study in primary schools in England, funding of £12.5 million means that one child will receive less than one penny a day.

Angela Rayner said: "The Minister of Education once again got caught with the twisting of the facts. The so-called money for breakfast is not only not news, but the money is also divided into several years and cannot even cover the costs for children who do not receive school breakfasts for free in according to the unified social payment of Universal Credit. In addition, his words that schools will receive additional funding while conservatives, on the contrary, have reduced school budgets, were already disproved. Now we have the evidence that these are false statements."

Tim Roache of the GMB also criticized the Conservative Party: "Political games with hungry children are unacceptable, and the government will not be able to deceive anyone because families know the truth, so it is time for the ministers to stop cheating and allocate the necessary money to provide food for the children. What disputes can be about when we are talking about hungry children?"

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