What the British like to talk about in pubs

According to statistics, the best time for exchanging gossip is Friday night after work. Most often, the British relax and talk in pubs over a pint of beer.

The second most popular topic was memories of the past, as well as recent events, popular TV shows and stories about business at work.

The most discussed topic recently is the presidency of Donald Trump in the US, and, according to the data, this worries every third Briton. Every fifth person wants to talk about the upcoming World Cup, and three out of ten talk about Brexit.

Greg Tatton-Brown of Play Absurd, who commissioned the study, said: "Given how much time the British spend in pubs, it is no surprise that they manage to discuss so many things. The most suitable time for pleasant memories is good company and delicious drinks. However, our study also showed that some people prefer to talk about completely absurd, bizarre things."

For example, almost every fifth interviewed admitted that a stranger approached him in the pub and offered to buy something strange. One of the respondents came up with his own language for communicating with his brother so that they could not be understood by other visitors to the pub. The other said that he once argued a long time with a man who was absolutely sure that the Earth is flat. More than half of the respondents admitted that they are likely to talk about something absurd and incomprehensible in the pub during the evening, something they cannot talk about at work or at home.

The study showed that the most "talkative" state comes after three and a half glasses of beer.

Tatton-Brown added: "British pubs were in danger of disappearing, but our research has shown that now they are flourishing more than ever, the British like places where they can completely relax and talk "about nothing" with a few friends. By the way, every fifth admitted that he had revealed a entrusted secret in the evening at the pub."

The most common topics discussed in British pubs are:

1. Old memories.

2. Something completely random.

3. TV shows.

4. Funny stories.

5. Gossips.

6. News.

7. Movies.

8. Music.

9. Jokes.

10. Football.

11. Weather.

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