Are your neighbors noisy or slovenly people? Here is where to file a complaint

The garbage cans are not cleaned, waste is lying on the street, dirt everywhere... If people with whom you live in the neighborhood have crossed all lines, you have the right to complain.

It is believed that the British are most irritated by garbage and canine waste. But in fact, most complaints authorities receive about the fines for parking and taxes. Interestingly, regardless of your region of residence in the UK, the top 10 reasons for complaints about the state of the environment are strikingly similar.

Environment conducive to human health

The expression "state of the environment" refers not only to the processing of waste and taking care of the surrounding area. This is a collective term that includes everything from exceeding the permissible noise level to pest control, sloppy neighbors and sewage problems. Some of these problems are pretty easy to handle. However, others can become a source of constant headache.

People are very irritated by rubbish and huge garbage dumps. But much more often the British complain about trees (branches that need to be cut) and hedges (which should also look neat). Although people often complain about noisy neighbors, much more complaints are received about neighbors who are untidy. There are also non-traditional complaints, for example, about unsafe children's playgrounds, unrestrained staff of the municipality and "bad children" (usually minors drinking alcoholic drinks in parks).

What can be done about this?

Each municipality works in its own way, which means that some situations may be specific for your region. For example, despite the fact that many people complain about garbage, in some areas complaints specifically about waste that has not been thrown away, about the closed lid of the garbage can, to excessive number of tanks and so on are received.

If you want to complain to the municipality, you should have any evidence proving your rightness. Photos or records in a special diary, if noisy neighbors disturb you, will do.

Try to stay calm and think about how you want the problem to be solved. Most municipalities offer mediation for disputes between neighbors, which can save you years of trouble.

As already mentioned above, the work of different municipalities is different, but they all must follow the general rules when it comes to a complaint. To complain, first visit If you do not know which municipality can help you with your issue, check it out at

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