9 best varieties of traditional British beer

Great Britain is a country where people are able to store and pass on traditions from generation to generation. Beer on the basis of hops in the United Kingdom is still called ale, although at the same time, the British also distinguish "real ale" cooked from traditional ingredients.

Ignorance of varieties of tart and fragrant British beer, of course, does not interfere with enjoying its taste. But it is better to do it when you know what you are drinking. So we offer you a short tour of the best sorts of foam drink.

1. St Austell Proper Job

The name Proper Job itself is translated as "well-done work". Judging by the set of ingredients of beer, much work has really been done - three varieties of hops, special malt and yeast of own production. As water - melt water from Cornwall, where they produce this type of beer.

Strength: 5.5%

Price: £1.75 for 500 ml.

2. Thornbridge Jaipur

This beer is included in the top 50 food and beverage UK. Thornbridge Jaipur is a classic interpretation of traditional British beer, which taste reveals citrus and fruit flavors, as well as a rich bright hop bouquet. Has a soft bitter finish.

Strength: 5.9%.

Price: £1.80, for 300 ml.

3. Harvey’s Sussex Best Bitter

Open fermentation and a special yeast culture provide a delicate but complex depth of character in this superbly balanced bitter. While the brewery pours beer into cans and bottles, it is worth looking for a beer in the pub, where they know how to handle the real ale.

Strength: 4%.

Price: £29.52 for 12 x 500 ml.

4. Tiny Rebel Cwtch

This beer harmoniously combines traditional and modern brewing. Luxury tropical flavors against the background of slightly dried malt base give a pronounced hop bitterness and unsurpassed aroma.

Strength: 4.6%.

Price: £2.20 for 330 ml.

5. XT Brewing FIVE

The old world meets new one, innovation faces the traditions of the XT brewing. Rich and juicy, this strongly hopped amber ale perfectly combines a quartet of aromatic American hops with rich malt from Germany.

Strength: 5.5%.

Price: £2.50 for 500 ml.

6. Allendale Pennin Pale

The ideal beer for the summer contains three hops. Hopping is carried out in five stages, including a strongl dose of dry hopping Citra, to add a pleasant and refreshing aftertaste.

Strength: 4%.

Price: £2.50 for 500 ml.

7. Green Jack Baltic Trader

This beer is strong, oily, juicy and full of flavor. A well-balanced, strong and warming drink is great for relaxing in a nightclub.

Strength: 10.5%.

Price: £9 for 750 ml.

8. Beavertown Neck Oil

This great, easy-drinking IPA began life as a recipe for pale ale. With the years, they began to add more American hops in beer, which gave it a fruity taste and a fantastic flavor. Neck Oil is perfect for hot summer days.

Strength: 4.3%.

Price: £2.19 for 330 ml.

9. Traquair Jacobite Ale

The recipe for this beer is more than 260 years old. The taste of the drink is a mixture of dark stone fruit, molasses, coriander and anise chewing sweets Black Jack. Many still remember these sweets from childhood, when they cost a penny per item.

Strength: 8%.

Price: £3.59 for 330 ml.

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