Do you know what the Queen takes with her on the journey?

Queen Elizabeth II is one of the most experienced travelers of our time. In her 91 years, during 66 years of reign, the queen visited more than 130 countries. The goal of most of her trips is to maintain and develop relations between Britain and other countries. But do you know that among her baggage there are several things that invariably accompany her on travels?

While staying abroad, the Queen has relatively little time to sit down and just admire the countryside or the sights of the country. During the visit, she must fulfill a number of important obligations. Therefore, one of the primary tasks is that the Queen should always look not just perfect, but can be identified from a mile away.

Her Majesty is known for her colorful outfits and usually dominates people around her in public events with her bright clothes. The Queen always chooses such clothes to stand out from the crowd. This is an imperative, because people must then remember for a long time the moment when they saw the Queen. Do not forget the fact that when she appears somewhere, people stand in two or three, and somewhere in the fifteen rows. And each of them, at least, catch sight of her the moment when the Queen passes by.

However, there are cases when bright and colorful clothes are considered unsuitable. Unfortunately, the Queen, like anyone else, may need to attend a funeral ceremony. During her travels while she is away, misfortune can also happen to a member of her family. In this case, she should also wear a black outfit, which serves as a sign of respect.

But some of the Queen's main items of luggage are a little more practical than colorful outfit. According to the truly British tradition, the Queen travels with her own teapot with her monogram and stock of her favorite tea Earl Gray, which she drinks without milk or sugar. This tea brand, which has been presented by queen Victoria, has received the Royal warrant since 1837. In addition, Her Majesty, along with outfits and a teapot, is surrounded by a fairly large contingent of accompanying people. In total 34 people, who deal with any issues in all of her travels, providing everything she needs, travel with her.

Most of the trips abroad are accompanied by long flights, since the destinations of many of them are hundreds of miles from home. The Queen used to fly on passenger flights, such as British Airways, but now she regularly travels in a private jet. During the flight she likes a small snack. Typically, this is a classic cake Dundee. Cake Dundee is a Scottish fruit cake with almonds. But this is not the only cake she travels with, Her Majesty also loves a pie with chocolate biscuit.

In addition to food and clothing, another of the items, perhaps slightly old-fashioned, accompanies the queen. It is a bottle of hot water. According to historian Robert C. Massey, she always takes it abroad with her, along with a down pillow and a Chinese tea set.

A bottle of warm water is just one of many items that the Queen always packs in a Globe-Trotter suitcase. She always uses suitcases of this brand when traveling from the moment of her honeymoon.

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