Rubbish past the urn: drivers will be fined £ 150, even if someone else throws the garbage away

Drivers of cars, from which garbage will be thrown out, as well as those who draw graffiti, will face tougher penalties.

Under the new rules, local municipalities will be able to fine car owners if they can prove that the garbage was thrown out of a particular car, even if it were passengers, and the driver was not even near the car.

In addition, the maximum penalty that you may receive on the spot has increased from £80 to £150. The minimum possible penalty will increase from £50 to £65, but only from April 2019. The penalty will be much more than £150 if the driver refuses to pay a fine and decides to postpone the issue to the court. Graffiti artists will face a similar punishment. At the same time, local municipalities are advised to take into account the person's personal circumstances and his ability to pay a fine.

One of the seven drivers admits that they throw garbage out of the car. As a result, 200,000 garbage bags amounting to £700 million have to be removed from roads every year. Moreover, this money comes from the pockets of taxpayers. Municipalities expect that the new measures will help to cope with a huge amount of garbage, such as coffee cups, food wrappers, napkins and cigarettes.

Edmund King of the British Automobile Association (The AA) said: "Garbage negatively affects the environment, it costs millions of dollars for taxpayers and threatens the health of people who clean up garbage." He added that 82% of drivers support the innovation, and only 6% spoke out against the increase of the fine.

The Minister of the Environment, Thérèse Coffey, said: "We want to be the first generation to leave the environment in a better condition than we received it."

Many people who throw garbage from the windows of the car avoid punishment, because it is difficult to prove who is responsible for this act. But the new rules mean that if someone throws garbage out of the car, the owners of cars will automatically be responsible. That is, there is no need to catch the actual criminal at the crime scene.

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