6 important nuances when moving from a rented apartment will avoid unpleasant surprises after a couple of months

Have you moved? Before opening champagne and gathering friends for a party in a new house, make sure that you said goodbye to the old house...otherwise your forgetfulness can cost you a lot.

It is interesting that Londoners move permanently. According to Your Move, the average rental period is 20 months. This means that every year the average Londoner puts himself in danger of parting with hard earned pounds, paying a huge fine and even losing his driver's license.

Inform everyone about moving

In addition to friends and beloved grandmother, there are still many organizations and people who need to be warned about your moving. First of all, this is your bank, credit card provider, employer, municipality and utility provider.

There are other organizations that are easy to forget, for example, the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Agency (DVLA). You can argue that you are changing a house, not a car. But if you accidentally receive a fine, DVLA will send a letter to your old address and will not receive an answer from you, the problems may start to grow like a snowball. The case can even be brought to court without your knowledge.

Readdress your mail

Use the service of mail readdressing. It will take only 5 days and in three months Royal Mail services will charge you at £33.99. You can apply on the mail or on the Internet before 3 months or 6 months after moving.

The Civil Advice Bureau (CAB) notes: "If you cannot afford to pay for this service, make sure that your neighbors, new tenants and landlord know your new address in order to readdress your mail. You can even leave envelopes with already written new address to facilitate their task." But remember that this is not the most reliable way to receive letters, since it is quite possible that the landlord will forget to send you letters and just start storing them, waiting for you to pick them up.

Clean apartment

According to Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS), poor cleaning of the apartment is one of the reasons why tenants do not get guarantee deposits back. The simplest way to avoid this problem is to hire a well-established firm that will clean your apartment. By the way, this moment can be registered in your contract, so check it just in case.

After the workers finish cleaning the apartment, take photos of their work. In this case, if there are any disputes about the cleanliness of the apartment, it will be easier for you to prove you are right.

Cleaning can be done on your own. Then send photos of the apartment to the landlord, confirming that you are returning it in the same condition as it was.

If you are worried about any damages that were in the apartment before your moving into, you can send the homeowner the photos that you made at the moving into the apartments to remind what condition it was before you.

Begin the procedure of returning a deposit

Alexandra Kolan-Forbes of DPS, explains: "The procedure for the return of the deposit can be started by a homeowner or a tenant at any time after the leaving the apartment. If there is no question about the payment, the deposit will be paid back immediately."

Your rights in terms of operational wear

The Civil Advice Bureau notes: "Homeowners can charge you for "reasonable operational wear", for example, for a carpet that has worn"

Likewise, if you have lived in an apartment for many years, the landlord must expect that the housing will be more worn out than the apartment where people lived only 6 months.

If you think that the homeowner's claims are unreasonable, ask for an explanation in writing and respond to the letter. After deciding to challenge the decision of the landlord, contact the Civil Advice Bureau. If you cannot come to an agreement, start a dispute through DPS.

Sort out the accounts

When leaving the apartment, use the advice of the Civil Advice Bureau and photograph the numbers on the meters for gas, electricity and water before calling utility companies. So you will be sure that you will not be required a larger amount than you should be. Also you must settle the issue with bills for the Internet and municipal tax.

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