12 Everyday Things To Make Your Skin Prettier In No Time

Research shows that there are many factors influencing the condition ofour skin: lack ofsleep,sun exposure, stress,lack ofexercise,air pollution, and sugar consumption. It’s nowonder that, intheUS alone, women spend about $300,000 during their lifetime onbeauty products just for their face. Here are some easy tomake home remedies which will help your skin glow, writes golifehacks.info.

We, at Bright Side, compiled alist ofproducts that you can easily find athome and turn into anatural alternative tocosmetic skin products. Read this list through tothe end and run tothe kitchen tostart your journey toperfect skin.

Banana and banana peelhelp treat acne, reduce pimples and remove wrinkles. Rub the peel onthe area with the pimple until the inside ofthe peel gets dark, leave itonfor awhile, and clean your face with warm water. Repeat the procedure for afew days. Toremove wrinkles, apply alittle mashed banana tothe wrinkled area.

Bananas and their peels are useful for skin nourishment and hydration because theycontainalot ofvitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium, fiber, and protein.

Honeycan also beused toimprove your skin condition and asatreatment against pimples due toits antibacterial, antiseptic, and healingproperties. Ifyour apply honey todamp skin and massage itinevery other day, the blemishes onyour skin will bereduced, and the skin will become soft, smooth, and healthy.

Baking soda isagood medium for natural scrubs. You canmixitwith honey and olive oil toprepare afacial mask that removes dead skin cells, calms the skin down, and neutralizes its pH. For the best results, apply this mask once aweek. Amixture ofcoconut oil and baking soda isalso agood remedy againsteczema.

Cucumber isgood for your skin both alone and incombination with yogurt. Acucumbermask cools down the skin, revitalizes and hydratesit, and reduces swelling. It’s good for relieving sunburns and getting rid ofpuffiness around the eyes. Todothe latter just put two slices ofcucumber onyour eyes and relax.

Dermatologistsdonot recommend applying lemon onyour face directly especially ifyou have sensitive skin, but they admit that lemon juice can work wonders incombination with otheringredients, like honey, olive oil, sugar, yogurt, orcucumber. Lemon juice can assist inreducing pimples, degreasing oily skin, and skin lightening.

Aloe vera isoften used incosmetology. Apart from its healingproperties, ithas moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti-aging effects onyour skin.Aloe vera gelcan remove dark spots and even out your skin tone. All you need todoistoget the gel out ofanaloe vera leaf and apply itonyour skin every day for the best results.

Ifyouapplypotato pulp toyour face twice aday, itwill lighten your skin and give itanatural glow. You can also use slices ofraw potato toremove dark circles, just cut two slices and put them under your eyes for alittle while.

Olive oil isexcellent for moisturizing your skin, giving itanatural glow, protectingit, and repairing the skin cells. Toobtain the bestresults, massage afew drops ofolive oil toyour face and neck, afterwards place awarm towel onyour face for about 40seconds. Afterwards, wipe away the excess oil from your face.

Orange peelisgreat for refreshing the skin, nourishing itwith useful vitamins, and relieving acne. Mix orange peel with rose water oryogurt, apply the mixture onyour face, and leave for 15minutes. Remove the mask with cool water and repeat the procedure several times aweek.

Green tea can reverse the first signs ofaging, revitalize the skin, and give itanatural glow. Itcan beused incombinationwith cream and brown sugar orwith honey tomake asoothing face mask. Ifyou make some green tea ice cubes, you can use them toclean and refresh your skin every day.

One ofthe secrets ofthe ancient beauty legendCleopatra, was amilk and honey bath. Raw milk can make your skin pretty because itcontains useful fats, vitamins, protein, and calcium. Milk canfunctionasanatural cleanser and moisturizer. Gently pat acloth dampened with milk over your face and rinse with water.

Toothpaste isreally helpful infighting acne. Itcan beused onboth individual spots and asaningredient for aface wash. Touse itonindividual spots, apply asmall amount, let itdry for acouple ofminutes and wash away afterwards. Be suretocheck the ingredients ofthe paste before applying itonyour skin. Sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, and sodium fluoride can cause irritation.

Have you ever tried any ofthose remedies? Ifso, what was your impression? Doyou have any personal homemade remedy beauty secrets? Don’t hesitate toshare your opinions and beauty hacks inthe comments!


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