Tracey Emin's 20-metre, pink St Pancras message was a health and safety headache

Tracey Emin has unveiled her new artwork - a "subliminal message" sent to Europe over Brexit.

'I Want My Time With You' is a 20-metre-long, pink, text-based work at St Pancras station in London.

I'm deeply saddened that Britain is going to be demoted to a tiny island floating around in the North sea.


She said the work was a health and safety headache.

The main consideration is the train drivers coming in. They mustn't be shocked.


The work is also a romantic message about being met by someone you love at a train station.

But Emin added:

People who voted for Brexit, I'm not against those people at all. Of course not. What I'm worried about is the people who voted Brexit who didn't understand what they were voting for. The people who did understand, that was their prerogative.

You know, we live in a democracy, people are allowed to vote for whatever they want, but really it shouldn't have been down to the people to vote about. There shouldn't have been a referendum.

I don't understand what David Cameron was doing. He could have just done another two years in Government and then said 'I'm leaving, look for another leader of the Tory party' and 'if you want Brexit then get a pro-Brexit leader, don't ask me to do this on my watch'.

Or he could have resigned before and said 'I don't want to be any part of this', but he didn't did he? I don't understand why he went through with it.


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